Sheriff’s report: Threats increase as holidays approach

Published 11:07 am Friday, December 22, 2017

Sheriff’s report: Threats increase as holidays approach

By Ashley Crutcher
The following information was taken from incident reports supplied by the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at the request of The Panolian.
Panola County residents reported over eleven burglaries to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department from December 7 to December 13 reporting over $23,316 worth of property stolen not including the costs to repair damages from the burglaries.
Wilson Rd. residents were standing in their yard when a white Dodge Ram came speeding down the road. According to the report, the resident noticed the vehicle approaching his child and attempted to pull the child out of the way but was too late and the vehicle struck the child’s left side. The vehicle came to a stop and the resident snatched the driver from the truck and struck him approximately three times, according to the report. The resident advised he then contacted the Sheriff’s Department. The driver and child were transported to Panola Medical Center to be treated for their injuries. According to the report, the suspect suffered injuries to the head and face and advised Deputy Louise Linzy he had six beers prior to driving. The victim suffered abrasions to his left side. The suspect consented to provide a blood sample and was later charged with reckless driving, no proof of insurance, under the influence and no driver’s license.

December 5
• Deputy Linzy spoke to a Barker Rd., Courtland resident who advised his former girlfriend is continuously harassing him. According to the report, the suspect asked the residents if they would commit to a relationship involving the three of them being romantically involved as well as living together. The resident advised they turned the suspect down and now she is interfering in their relationship.

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December 7
• Greenhill Circle, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Darryl House when she arrived home from the store there was a black male subject standing on the side of her residence. According to the report, the resident advised the subject tried to break into her residence and broke out the front window.

December 8
• Upton Rd. resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe someone tried to steal his Polar Craft boat. Further investigation revealed someone broke into the residence by taking out a window pane on the front porch. According to the report, after entry was made the residence was trashed and approximately $2,515 worth of property was taken. Deputy Renfroe located a recently burned Kool cigarrete and a left handed grey and black cloth glove which appeared to have been recently dropped, according to the report. The resident advised as he was returning home he noticed a black Chevy Trail Blazer leaving from the area near his residence.
• HWY 35 S resident reported to Deputy Seth Cook there was an abandoned Mercury in front of his residence in the roadway. The resident advised he noticed his white Ford F-150 was missing. Pictures were taken of shoe prints found in the dirt near where the truck was stolen.
• Deputy Renfroe spoke to a Heafner Rd. resident who advised she received a check in the mail with instructions on how to deposit. According to the report, the instructions advised the check was from an Andrew James GBW Inc. and was for CVS evaluations. The resident turned the letter and check over to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department.
• Old Panola Rd. resident reported to Deputy Linzy she was keeping an eye on her son’s residence who is out of town a lot for work and advised when she went to check on the residence she noticed the front door had been broken into. Deputy Linzy arrived to check the scene and upon entry observed the living room furniture overturned and all rooms in disaray. According to the report, all beds were overturned and clothing items were removed from the drawers. A storage shed was also broken into but no items were noticed to be missing at the time of the report. Investigator Bryan Arnold was notifed of the incident.
• Deputy Bobby Billingsley spoke to a driver for Southern BevCo who advised he needed to make a report. The driver stated he was making a delivery on Bill Wallace Rd. and noticed a white Chevrolet Silverado speeding away from his delivery truck. According to the report, the driver checked his inventory and noticed he was a case short. The resident advised he had a broken grill on the front.
• Holly Springs resident reported to Deputy Linzy he arrived at work at Mallard Point Golf Course and found some of the courses had been vandalized. Deputy Linzy observed tire tracks which had been used to damage the sod, with damages estimated at $6,500. Along with damages three T markers, a pole and flag were reported missing.
• HWY 6 E resident advised Deputy Cook an individual comes into his store and harasses him in front of his customers. The resident stated the suspect talks bad about his business in front of his customers and he would like something to be done about it.
December 9
• HWY 6 E resident reported to Deputy Steven Moore he noticed his 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 missing. According to the report, the resident stated there were two vehicle near his residence on two prior occassions, a white Chevy Caprice and a green Dodge RAM. The resident advised he did not have insurance on the motorcycle. The motorcycle was entered on the NCIC.
• Deputy Linzy spoke to an individual regarding a burglary at a construction site on HWY 6 W. The individual advised he returned to the site to find over $5,000 worth of property to be missing.
• Deputy Maurice Market spoke to a Woodruff Rd. resident who reported she was awakened by bullets hitting her home. She said an individual was shooting a gun and hit her shed where her vehicle was parked. Deputy Market was unable to locate any shell casings or bullet holes. Without any evidence of shots being fired, the resident was advised she could press charges for simple assault by threat.
•A Belmont Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Market her daughter’s ex-boyfriend is threatening to do bodily harm to her.

December 10
• W Pearl St. resident reported to Deputy Market upon arriving home from church they noticed the back door had been tampered with. According to the report two flat screen TVs and a jar with $50 inside was stolen from the residence. Investigator Bryan Arnold was notified of the incident.

December 11
• Lt. Chuck Tucker responded to a house fire on Cedar Dr. where the resident reported he heard a loud pop and approximately 15 minutes later he saw smoke coming past his window. The resident advised he went outside and the back yard and shed was on fire and stated the house then caught on fire. According to the report, one resident advised he was outside smoking a cigarette, which he threw into the leaves and left.
• Rooks Rd., Como resident reported to Deputy House an unknown subject cut the lock on the front gate and entered his property. According to the report, the suspect was missing approximately $8,300 worth of property.
• Lt. Tucker responded to Ramsey Circle in reference to a fight between a mother and daughter. According to the report, an ambulance had already been dispatched to the location in regards to a five-month-old child being struck during the fight. Upon arrival, the child was examined by EMTs and was transported to the hospital. The daughter advised she and her mother got into an argument because she wanted to leave and go to her aunt’s house. According to the report, the daughter turned away and the mother struck her causing her to fall down on the bed beside the baby. The mother advised she was holding the baby and her daughter snatched the baby out of her hands and began talking smart to her, so she slapped her. According to the report, the mother advised her daughter began hitting her so she held her down. Both were charged with domestic violence simple assault and transported to the Panola County Jail.
• Adock Dr. resident reported to Investigator Danny Beavers an individual has been threatening to do bodily harm to him and refuses to leave his property. The resident advised he is in fear of his life and his wife’s life.
• Lemaster Rd., Sardis resident advised her ex-boyfriend is making threats toward her life and stated he told her he would put something in her car to get the cops after her. The resident advised the suspect is using meth and stated she wants to press charges.

December 12
• Truslow Rd. resident advised Deputy Jeremy Hailey she went to a residence on Curtis Locke Station Rd. to pick up a television and advised an individual walked out and kicked her vehicle and then walked back inside. The resident advised she entered the residence without permission and stated the individual forcefully dragged her out of the residence by her throat. According to the report, the individual threw the resident on the ground, chocked her and kicked her before walking back inside the residence. Deputy Hailey was flagged down by the Truslow Rd. resident and observed dried blood on the resident’s face from scratches on her fingers. The individuals advised Deputy Hailey that the resident forced entry into their residence, grabbed a knife and came toward them and was forced outside. According to the report, there was no evidence to determine the primary aggressor, therefore no arrest was made.
• Lt. Tucker responded to Springport Rd., Sardis where the resident stated her 19-year-old son was being disrespectful towards her and she wanted him to leave. According to the report, the son called his cousin to take him to Piggly Wiggly when the mother got mad and asked if he had any money and began cursing him. The mother advised her son never gives her money and stated all she wanted was him gone.
• Crenshaw resident reported to Deputy House his girlfriend threw a rock at his 1992 Cadi and busted the back glass out.
• Chapeltown Rd. resident reported to Investigator beavers his tags came up missing sometime during the month of may.

December 13
• Deputy Cook responded to Curtis Rd. where the resident reported she smelled smoke and witnessed an individual set the shed on fire. The resident advised they got into an argument. The individual stated he wanted to see his child and advised the resident did not want him to. According to the report, the individual slept in the shed and used a pan to burn some wood to keep warm for the night and the shed caught on fire.
• Westbrook Rd. resident reported to Deputy Jeff Still someone threw an object from a white Ford Expedition causin damages to the driver’s door of her 2009 Honda. The resident was able to provide the tag number from the vehicle that the object was thrown from.
• Deputy Linzy spoke with a Freeman Rd., Como resident who reported her mobile home caught on fire and she lost everything. The resident advised she was renting the property for the placement of her mobile home and stated she went onto the property to retrieive her items when the renter’s son pointed a weapon at her advising her to leave before or he would “blow her head off”. The resident advised the renter sold her items as scrap iron to Martin Bros. without her permission. According to the report, the items sold were estimated to be worth approximately $2-3,000.
• Fudge Town Rd., Sardis resident reported the suspect advised she was in his yard waiting on someone and asked if it was okay. The resident advised it was fine but asked the suspect not to go into the residence. According to the report, the resident returned home to discover someone had been in his house and stole three boxes of snack cakes, two car radios and a jar of change.
• Shiloh Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Chantryce Morris her wedding ring had been stolen. The resident adviserd she placed it in the window seal in her kitchen while she was washing dishes.
• Baker Rd. resident reported to Deputy Cook she noticed the tag missing off of her husband’s vehicle. The resident advised she had been to Memphis to the doctor and to Oxford and when she came out of the Belk Store she noticed the tag missing off of the vehicle.
December 14
• Deputy Willie Harris spoke to a Rockhill Rd. resident who reported she and her boyfriend got into an argument and she was gathering her things to leave him when he grabbed her and began hitting her in the face. According to the report, the resident had a swollen right eye and the entire right side of her face was swollen.
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
December 7
•Vehicle struck a deer on Union Rd.
December 9
• Vehicle struck a deer on Curtis Rd.
• Vehicle struck a deer on McNeeley Rd.
• Vehicle had mechanical failure on Northwood Dr.
December 10
• Two vehicle collided on Fulmer Rd.
December 11
• Vehicle swerved to avoid hitting a deer on Barnacre Rd.
December 12
• Vehicle swerved to avoid hitting a garbage can on Pope-Crowder Rd.
• Vehicle lost control during pursuit on Terza Rd.
• Vehicle hit a deer on Mt. Olivet Rd.
December 13
• Vehicle struck a deer on Pope-Water Valley Rd.
Juvenile Incident Report
• 16-year-old landed in hot water for disorderly conduct at North Panola High School on December 8.