It’s Friday

Published 1:04 pm Friday, October 20, 2017

Pumpkins on porch and grandson near, life is good in Tenn.

Editor’s Note: After writing a weekly column for The Panolian for many years, Peggy Walker and her husband, Danny, have relocated from Panola County to Lexington, Tenn. But Peggy’s fans need not fret. She’ll continue to send her columns and recipes via the Internet.
Greetings from Tennessee! DW, dog Kipp and I are here. Settled…no, not yet. Moving day went smoothly thanks to dear friends and very efficient unloaders. Our furniture is in place but there are still boxes that need unpacking. That’s my job and it seems I’ve already unpacked a million. And to my chagrin there are many items that I haven’t found a place for. I thought for sure I had pared down, cleaned out, given away, thrown away, and just plain gotten rid of enough stuff. Evidently not.
A move like this does make one question many things I’ve realized. Like just how many dip and chip bowls does one need? Why do I have a dozen cake plates? And when am I ever going to wear all these scarves? But, first things first.
Even though everything isn’t in place, there are pumpkins on my porch. As soon as we closed on the house DW and I stopped at a local produce stand and picked out a good one to note the occasion. And then Mack showed up with an arm load of his personal picks. So, pumpkins line my steps and I feel at home, just in time for the season!
It’s pretty here. We have a few acres with a glorious view of each morning’s sunrise out the front door and we can see the evening’s sunset from the supper table. We’re in the country, with farming all around and neighbors but not so close. It’s quiet and peaceful. And there’s a sweet congregation just a short piece up the road. And most of the members are our neighbors. We are liking it here. Good move.
And bless his old heart, Kipp is happy wherever DW and I are. He’s been such a good dog, he’s made the transition well from the only home he’d ever known for 12 years to being relocated twice to get to our home in Tennessee. And he’s even happier when grandchildren come. He’s a herder and he loves it when he has a job to do. He sticks close and keeps us all under his watchful eye. You can bet he’s enjoyed a lot of treats, rawhide bones, and behind-the-ear scratches during these past 2 months. He’s a good dog.
And dear Laura and Mack are just minutes away instead of hours. Mack’s already spent the night with us. He helped DW mow the yard and me unpack the toys. I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of He-Man and Battle Cat, the Match Box cars, and a bucket of Legos now for the next generation of Walker children. And we can’t wait for the other grandchildren to get here! We’ve painted the guest rooms, made the beds and will have them ready for occupancy just in time!
And thanksgiving is on! I’m determined. We are having dinner here even if I don’t get my roasting pan unpacked in time. We will count our blessings and be thankful right here for dear friends and family in Mississippi and our family and new friends in Tennessee.

Recipe of the Week

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The Perfect Fall Cheese Ball
From Tennessee in time for fall fun and football!

16 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
3 tablespoons minced onion
3 tablespoons salsa
1 teaspoon ground cumin
2 cups nacho cheese chips, crushed
Top of one green bell pepper for stem

Combine cream cheese, cheddar, onion, salsa and cumin with mixer. Mix until creamy. Scoop mixture onto plastic wrap. Use wrap to form a ball. Chill for at least 2 hours. Before serving, remove plastic wrap and roll ball in crushed chips. Place bell pepper stem on top pushing slightly into cheese ball. Serve with chips, raw vegetables or pretzels.