Sheriff’s report: Tasing doesn’t faze him

Published 11:58 am Friday, September 22, 2017

Sheriff’s report: Tasing doesn’t faze him

By Ashley Crutcher
The following information was compiled from incident reports obtained by The Panolian from the Panola County Sheriff’s Department.
On September 15, an intoxicated suspect at the Happy Days Motel in Sardis was being removed from the property and taken into custody when the suspect attacked one deputy by kicking him in the groin, according to the report. Deputies responded to the disturbance to find the suspect on one of the top floors.
Deputies advised the suspect to place his hands behind his back. According to the report, as the deputy managed to get one wrist into the cuffs, the suspect began resisting and was tased in the chest for approximately five seconds.
The suspect continued to resist arrest and was tased a second time in the back for five seconds allowing the deputies to obtain control of the suspect, according to the report.
The deputies were able to get the suspect to the Sardis Police Unit where the suspect assaulted one of the deputies and continued to resist, according to the report.
The deputies managed to place the suspect into the Police Unit and transport him to the Panola County Sheriff’s Office for booking.
In another incident, Lieutenant Emily Griffin responded to Como Police Department in reference to an aggravated assault on Pleasant Grove Rd.
The victim reported the suspect cut her left forearm with a box cutter while she was seated in the back of a black 2010 Nissan Altima.
According to the report, the victim stated she and two others were sitting in the vehicle when the suspects pulled into the yard and advised one suspect struck the window.
The victim advised the other suspect sprayed her with pepper spray during the incident. “I observed two large lacerations on [the victim’s] left forearm and a large amount of blood in the back seat of the vehicle.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received 27 calls for service requesting the assistance of Sheriff Deputies from September 8 through September 14.

September 8
• Captain Willie Harries spoke with an individual who suspected her brother may have stole her 3-carat diamond ring which is worth approximately $2,700.
According to the report, the individual put the ring in her vehicle and later noticed it missing. The resident advised this is not the first incident in which the suspect has stolen from the family.
• Pope-Water Valley Rd. resident reported to Deputy Louise Linzy she has concerns about her father’s attitude changes towards her and her mom. The resident advised her father emotionally abuses her by making manipulative statements; such as, “If you don’t give me the guns and motorcycle, I will take the house.”
The resident stated her father’s has been very emotionally unstable since he killed her grandfather in self defense, according to the report. The resident fears that her father may harm her or himself and wants to take every precaution to prevent any harm that may be brought on by her father.

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September 9
• Deputy Steven Moore responded to Hays Crossing where the resident reported his 2014 Honda Foreman 500 was missing. The resident advised the ATV has a three-inch lift, Terminator tires and 28-inch rims.
According to the report, a witness reported seeing a white Chevrolet pickup on the property with a trailer as well as a white 90’s model Ford. According to the report, a man was seen getting on the ATV and driving out of the yard. The ATV was entered on the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
• Sanders Rd. resident reported his handgun missing. According to the report, the resident advised he secured most of his valuables because he fears his three sons, who live with him, may take his personal belongings.
• Deputy Darryl House responded to Longtown Rd., Sarah and spoke with the resident who reported fire damage to an outside stove vent and cabinet. According to the report, the fire started from a pot that was on the stove.
James Lamar Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Moore a neighbor shot her car window out and shot two windows in her hose.
According to the report, the neighbor advised he was target practicing and didn’t mean to shoot the resident’s property. The neighbor advised he would pay for the damages and stated he was target practicing on his shed and assumed the shed would stop the bullets.
• Lucious Taylor Rd., Como resident reported to Deputy House his white 2005 Cadillac had been vandalized, windows busted out and tires cut. The resident advised he is unsure as to who could have done it.

September 10
• Carlisle Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Tripp Williams his stepson jumped on him and busted a window out on his gray 2008 Ford.
According to the report, the resident advised the suspect showed up at the residence and was asked to leave and the suspect then grabbed the residents arm and struck him in the face. The resident advised he began to fight back in self defense.
According to the report, after the fight the resident went inside and heard a loud noise and rushed back outside to find that the suspect had busted out his front windshield and dented the hood.
The resident did not want to press charges on the suspect for assault but did want him to pay for the damages, to which the suspect agreed.
• Eureka Rd. resident reported to Deputy Linzy her husband hacked into her iPhone, changed her password, and deleted messages and photos. The resident advised they are currently seeking a divorce.
• Deputy Linzy responded to Eureka Rd. and spoke with an individual who stated an individual sent his wife threatening text messages.

September 11
• Woodruff Rd. resident reported to Deputy Seth Cook an unknown person came to his work yelling and screaming his name.
According to the report, his boss advised him to leave work and take care of his problem. The resident stated the vehicle followed him to his residence and began to throw unknown items out of the vehicle at him.
According to the report, the vehicle continued past the residence and yelled at the resident.
• Hawkins Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Cook he is having problems with his neighbor’s dog staying on his property. According to the report, the dog is staying under the resident’s shed and has dug holes in the ground in his green house.

September 12
• Woodruff Rd. resident reported to Deputy Hunter Lawrence she received a Justice Court summons in Sardis stating she was being sued by Credit One Bank for a credit card purchase. According to the report, the resident advised she has never used nor owned a credit card from Credit One Bank.
• Deputy Cook spoke to a Dawn Cove, Courtland resident who reported he has been receiving threatening phone calls from an individual and his wife. According to the report, another suspect was sitting at a stop sign near the residence watching the resident’s children ride the four-wheeler.
The resident reported his children are afraid to go back to their mother’s because the individual “beats them with a belt.” The resident advised he and his wife are currently going through a divorce.
• Atkins St., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Cook an individual has been following her and harassing her. According to the report, the individual began following the resident for a while and then turned around.
The resident advised upon arriving at her residence she noticed the individual sitting at her house waiting for her to arrive. The resident kept driving past her home and contacted dispach to speak with an officer. The resident stated she is tired and just wants the individual to leave her family alone.

September 13
• Deputy Jeremy Hailey responded to Eureka Rd. in reference to a burglary where the resident reported he noticed the 55 inch LG TV missing and saw the back door open. The resident also advised three other LG TVs, a 17 inch Macbook, two 10 inch tablets, Xbox 360, various games and a bottle of medicine was missing.
• Faith Dr. resident reported to Deputy John Still her husband was walking near her resience and waived at her in an attempt to intimidate her. Ther resident advised she had a restraining order against the suspect and stated this incident is just one of many that have occured over the last month.
• Asa Rd. resident reported to Lieutenant Chuck Tucker her neighbor’s dog came onto her porch and killed her Yorkie. According to the report, the resident advised this is not the first time the dog has attacked her dog.

September 14
• Pope-Crowder Rd., Pope resident reported to Lieutenant Tucker her husband started accusing her of being out all night and pointing his finger in her face. According to the report, the resident advised she grabbed his finger and twisted it and advised he sttempted to strike her. The resident advised she left and when she returned he was outside and said he was leaving. The resident stated she went inside and locked the door. According to the report, the suspect knocked on the door and stated he would kick it in if the resident did not open it. The suspect busted the door jam and was gone prior to the deputies arrival.
• Deputy Moore responded to Bemlont Rd., Sardis in reference to shots fired. According to the report, one witness stated two children got into a confrontation when one of the mothers began telling her child to hit the smaller child. The witness stated a few adults confronted the child’s mother, which is when she retreived a gun from her car and shot it in the air. Deputy Moore spoke with the mother who advised she was trying to teach her child to defend himself and stated she did fire her Charter Arms .38 in the arm in a threatening manner. The mother was arrested and charged with simple assault by threat.
Humphrey St., Crowder resident reported to Captain Harris someone vandalised her vehicle. According to the report, the resident’s husband and his sister got into an argument. The resident advised several neighbors asked why his sister parked up the road earlier in the morning. The residents began checking their property and noticed someone had let the air out of the rear passenger tire on their green 2002 Chevy.