Sheriff’s Report: DHS contacted after child found

Published 10:58 am Friday, August 25, 2017

Sheriff’s Report: DHS contacted after child found

By Ashley Crutcher
The following information was compiled from incident reports from the Panola County Sheriff’s Department, August 10-17.
A three-year-old child was located August 15 walking down Johnson Road unattended when an individual stopped and picked up the child and returned the child to a neighbor’s house.
The child was returned to the mother. Deputy Tripp Williams responded to the residence on Farrish Gravel Rd. for a welfare check. The neighbor reported the mother left the residence with the child when she saw the deputy driving up, according to the report. The Department of Human Services was notified of the incident.

Other calls
Deputy Darryl House investigated an August 13 report of an assault and spoke with a Hwy. 315 West, Sardis resident who stated he was in the front of his residence when two men kicked his front door in and entered the residence. According to the report, the suspects stabbed the resident in the head with a screw driver and hit him across the face with a bat. Nothing was reported missing. The case is under further investigation.
On August 13, Deputy Mark Allen received a report from a Sardis Lake Drive resident stating her son and a friend were walking down New Pat’s Bluff Rd. when a small white four door car with dark rear windows pulled up beside them and pointed a pistol at them.
Deputy Allen was unable to locate the vehicle and went to speak to the victims. The victims advised a man and young woman pointed a black automatic pistol at them. The victims stated they escaped by fleeing into the woods.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received 41 calls for assistance of Sheriff Deputies from August 10 to August 17.

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August 10
• Morrow Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Maurice Market when he returned home he noticed tire marks on his grass coming from his father’s shop.

August 11
• Deputy Louise Linzy spoke to a Hwy 51 S., Pope resident as she prepared for her yard sale she noticed her yard sign was missing. According to the report, the sign was described as having “Welcome Yard Sale” written in yellow writing.

August 13
• Liberty Hill Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Jeremy Hailey the suspect pushed her face while he and his wife were arguing. According to the report, the victim stated she was invited over by the wife and advised the husband wanted to apologize for a previous verbal altercation.
The victim stated upon arrival the altercation resumed. The wife advised her husband to leave and as the husband was preparing to leave he put his finger in the victim’s face and stated, “I’ll handle you,” according to the report.
• Deputy Steven Moore responded to Green Hill Circle where the resident reported her neighbor got drunk and came over to her residence holding a knife in one hand and a metal pipe in the other.
According to the report, the neighbor was yelling and cursing the resident, stating the resident’s children were on her porch. Some people passing by on the sidewalk told the neighbor to leave. The resident advised she wanted to pursue charges.
• Hughes Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Hailey the suspect called her about someone cutting his three-year-old daughter’s hair. The suspect has temporary guardianship of the child from DHS.
According to the report, the suspect made a threatening statement over the phone.
The resident advised she is the grandmother of the child and continued to state that this will all be final when they go to court over guardianship in October.
• Deputy Linzy spoke to a Main St., Pope resident who stated he returned home on Saturday, August 12 and noticed the security glass to his front door was broken. The resident advised he swept the debris prior to Deputy Linzy’s arrival and did not observe any forced entry into his home.
• Deputy Linzy responded to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department to take an animal complaint. According to the report, the Eagles Nest Cove, Pope resident reported a pit bull attacked his black collie causing the canine to require a drain tube and eight staples.
• Wilson Rd. resident reported to Lieutenant Chuck Tucker someone was on her front porch. According to the report, the resident stated she heard a noise outside and looked out and saw her ex-husband run and jump off the end of the porch. The resident stated nothing was missing but she was afraid he was there to try and break in.

August 14
• Teasdale Rd., Enid resident reported to Deputy Seth Cook she left her five-year-old son with her brother-in-law as she and her sister went out to eat supper. According to the report, the resident noticed her son was acting strange upon their return. The resident advised she was giving her son a bath when she noticed bruising on his legs. According to the report, the child stated the suspect whipped him with his belt because he wouldn’t go to bed.
• Dell St. resident reported to Deputy Cook his camper and bumper hitch was repossessed. According to the report, the bumper hitch was purchased separately from the camper and should not have been repossessed. The suspect had to make entry into the enclosed shed to take the hitch.
• Deputy Hunter Lawrence spoke to a Dishmon Rd., Como resident who reported his shed was broken into and 30 cases of shingles, six rolls of felt paper, and four 22” rims were taken.
• Eureka Rd. resident reported to Deputy Lawrence she received a call from her sister who advised two suspects were at her door claiming her son had a game of theirs. According to the report, upon arrival the resident noticed the door had been pried open while she was at work.
• Woodruff Rd. resident reported to Deputy Lawrence she drove her kids down to the bus stop and the suspect walked up to her vehicle and began bothering her. According to the report, the resident advised the suspect kept saying “I know how to get you to talk to me.” The resident advised she began to video the suspect as he was harassing her through her car window.
• Deputy Cook spoke to a Dishmon Rd., Como resident who reported she has been harassed on social media about an event that took place earlier in the day at a Credit Union.
• Mt. Olivet Rd. resident reported to Deputy Steven McLarty she was walking her dog on her property when another dog attacked her dog and caused injury to her dog.
• Eagles Nest Cove, Pope resident reported to Deputy McLarty a pit bull attacked his dog.

August 15
• Southaven resident reported to Deputy Cook someone broke into their house on Lost Drive in Pope. According to the report, approximately $4,925 worth of property was taken.
• Union Rd., Sardis resident flagged down Deputy Bobby Billingsley and reported a white Ford F-250 wrecked in the ditch near the resident’s driveway. According to the report, the owner’s son was driving the vehicle when it was wrecked.
The suspect advised he had been out drinking and was looking at his phone when he wrecked the vehicle. The resident stated if the damage was fixed he would not press charges against the suspect.
• Deputy Cook spoke to an individual who reported an unknown man was standing on his porch cursing and threatening to kill him.
• Pine Ridge Rd., Pope resident reported she noticed a brown and white pit bull in her yard. The resident advised that the dog will not leave her property and will not leave her two smaller dogs alone. According to the report, the pit bull bit one of the smaller dogs on the neck.

August 16
• Deputy Linzy spoke to an Upton Rd., Pope resident who reported he and his wife had a dispute the day before and he was told by the officer to leave the property.
According to the report, the resident stated he returned to the home while his wife was at work to gather some of his belongings. The husband advised the home was a mess and his wife was attempting to burn the house by placing clothes in the oven.
He admitted that he destroyed the flat screen TV and entertainment table when his wife told him to leave, explaining that if he couldn’t watch the TV, no one else would either.
Deputy House responded to the residence along with the resident’s wife. The landlord looked at the residence and asked the husband to leave and not return. Deputy House advised the man to leave in a peaceable manner, but refused and was detained for failure to obey a lawful order.
• Crouch Rd. resident reported to Deputy Market two individuals kicked in her front door and broke the back window out of her vehicle.
• Deputy Jeff Still responded to Bob Crenshaw Rd. where the resident advised his iPad mini and iPhone 4 were taken from his residence.
• Eureka Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Moore he was missing four doors, a hood and trunk cover, which were taken off of a 2004 Nissan Altima. The resident advised Kawasaki motorcycle parts were also missing. The resident stated he believes an individual stole the property and took them to Martin Brothers as scrap.
• Deputy Allen spoke to a Taylor resident who reported someone stole his blue and gray tackle box with approximately $300-$400 worth of tackle while he was fishing at the Sardis Spillway.
•Captain Willie Harris spoke to a Connie Ross Rd., Como resident who reported he and his wife went to his ex-girlfriend’s residence to ask her to stop harassing him and his wife on social media.
According to the report, the resident stated his ex-girlfriend and her family came to his residence harassing and making threats toward him and his wife. The resident advised some of the individuals made threats while holding a pair of pliers and a knife.
• Cedar Dr., Pope resident reported to Deputy House she was riding her bike on Scoggins Rd. and was attacked by a brown pit bull dog.

August 17
• Longtown Rd., Sarah resident reported to Deputy Allen her grandaughter was possibly molested by her uncle approximately two years ago when she was 12. According to the report, the victim was questioned about the incident and began crying and advised on four occasions her uncle molested her.
• Lieutenant Bill Furniss took a report of simple assault from two individuals who advised the assault took place on Greenhill Cir., Sardis. At this time, neither party wished to press charges.
• Fudgetown Rd. resident reported to Deputy Moore a woman was staying at his residence. According to the report, the resident woke up one morning and noticed he was missing a Duralast car battery, battery jumper and air pump. One witness reported seeing the suspect take the items and place them in a ditch down the road. The witness located the items and the resident pressed charges on the suspect for stealing and hiding his belongings.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report
August 12
• Vehicle ran over something on Firetown Rd.
• Accident occurred on Old Panola Rd. An injury was reported.
• Accident occurred on Baker Rd.
August 16
• Accident occurred on Alonzo Gipson Rd. An injury was reported.
August 17
• Accident occurred on Black Jack Rd.
• Accident occurred on Old Panola Rd. An injury was reported.
Juvenile Incident Report
• 16-year-old got in trouble for malicious mischief on Old Panola Cir.
• 16-year-old was found to have marijuana in his possession at North Panola School.