Sheriff’s Report: Three burglaries total over $10k in losses in two days

Published 10:31 am Friday, July 14, 2017

Sheriff’s Report: Three burglaries total over $10k in losses in two days

By Ashley Crutcher
On July 6 Lieutenant Jeff Still responded to an armed robbery on Green Hill Circle, Sardis where the resident reported two men in masks held him at gun point and forced him to lay on the floor at his residence.
According to the report, the men stole the resident’s wallet containing $400, Play Station 4 and a cell phone before fleeing from the residence.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department recieved three other reports of Grand Larceny during July 1 and 2. Deputy Steven Moore responded to one report on July 1 where the Lakebreeze Drive, Pope resident reported his son’s red 2015 Polaris side by side was missing. According to the report, the side by side is worth approximately $5,200. Investigator Edward Dickson was notified and the VIN number was placed on the National Crime Information Center.
Pittman Rd. resident reported to Deputy Mark Allen his Ex Mark 50” Zero turn mower was stolen from his property. “We noticed tracks that led from the back of the house, around the north side of the house to the front, to what appeared to be a set of truck tracks,” said Deputy Allen. The resident advised he would get the VIN number from Big Delta Honda where he purchased the mower.
Deputy John Still responded to a burglary call on Hay’s Crossing Rd., Sardis July 2 to a report that a 2000 Honda Recon four-wheeler and marine battery had been stolen. According to the report, the camper door was forced open and the battery was located inside the camper and the four-wheeler was taken from behind the residence.
According to the report, the resident had a trail camera on the property that captured photos of the suspect on the property as well as the suspect leaving the property riding the four-wheeler.

July 1
• Lieutenant Still spoke to a Hunter Chapel Rd., Como resident who reported she was assaulted at her grandmother’s house by her cousin’s girlfriend. According to the report, the suspect struck the resident on both sides of her face leaving a cut over her left eye. The resident reported she had been drinking all evening and was unable to give a statement.
July 2
• Deputy Kevin Leland responded to Fredrick St. for a hit and run. Deputy Leland was speaking to an individual who reported the suspect hit her car when the suspect walked up and was told to get back into her car but refused. According to the report, the suspect walked past Deputy Leland in an attempt to fight the individual causing Deputy Leland to use his pepper spray.
The suspect was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and failure to comply. According to the report, the suspect stated the indivdiual and her sisters blocked her in and tried to fight her and the indivdiual’s car was damaged as she was trying to escape. One witness reported seeing the suspect run into the individual’s vehicle for no reason.
July 3
• A Pope area resident reported a sexual assault to Deputy George Renfroe. According to the report, upon arrival the resident stated she didn’t want to press charges nor make a statement of who it was that assaulted her.
• Sherwood Drive resident reported to Deputy Jeremy Hailey she gave the suspect a ride to the store.
According to the report, the resident stated when the two arrived back in front of her driveway the suspect shoved the gear shift into park and took the keys out of the ignition. The resident stated the suspect went down the road, came back and parked the vehicle before leaving again with the keys.
• Pope Water Valley Rd., Pope resident reported a silver 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser had been abandoned for about a week to Deputy Steven McLarty. The homeowner advised they wanted the vehicle moved.
July 4
• Deputy Tripp Williams was dispatched to Hwy. 51 to locate a juvenile who informed dispatch she was assaulted. The juvenile advised she was assaulted and was placed back into the custody of her grandmother. Deputy Williams advised the residents they would be contacted by an investigator.
• Hwy. 315 resident reported to Deputy Hunter Lawrence a black male tried to break into his residence. According to the report, a neighbor saw the suspect leaving the residence after the failed attempt. The resident advised later in the day the neighbor called and stated his gate was open along with the front door. The resident advised nothing was missing.
• Deputy Maurice Market was patrolling Sardis Lake Dam when he noticed a white male walking towards his vehicle. The indivdiual stated his wife, three friends and himself were grilling hotdogs and listening to the radio. According to the report, the individual noticed his radio was missing from the campground. Deputy Market spoke to an individual at the campsite who advised she hadn’t seen the G-Boom radio.
According to the report, Deputy Market noticed a black G-Boom radio hanging from the chair she was sitting in and stated she began cursin him when he asked about the radio. The individual was placed in handcuffs and transported to the Panola County Jail.
• Deputy Market spoke to a Connie Ross Rd., Como resident who reported she was laying in bed when she heard a loud shot and realized someone shot through her residence. Deputy Market located a .45 shell casing in the back bedroom.
• Ballentine Rd., Sardis resident reported to Lieutenant Emily Griffin his estranged wife entered his residence, turned on all the lights, left the air conditioner on high and left the front gate and door open.
July 5
• Curtis Fire Department notified Investigator Terry Smith of a Dodge Van belonging to Integrity Transport Services had caught fire on Curtis Rd. According to the report, the driver advised the van began to smoke and she exited the vehicle before it caught fire. The van was completely burned, according to the report.
• Deputy John Still spoke to a Davis Chapel Rd., Sardis resident who reported he and the suspect made a deal in August of 2016 for the suspect to buy a John Deer Riding Mower for $100 a month until the $600 total price was paid. According to the report, the suspect only paid $250 of the agreed sale price and has since sold the lawn mower.
• Deputy Bobby Billingsley spoke to a meter reader who reported being attacked by a black and gray pit bull. Deputy Billingsley spoke to the owner of the dog who reported the dog broke his chain. According to the report, the owner had six pit bulls on the property with all appearing to be in good health. The owner was advised to have the dogs vaccinated for rabies and formally warned him to keep the dogs on his property or he would be charged.
July 6
• Fowler Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Renfroe he was at a residence on Hwy. 35 S. repossessing a camper trailer. According to the report, when the resident backed up to the camper a suspect came at his truck with a hammer. The resident stated he grabbed a board to stop the suspect from hitting the truck. According to the report, the suspect and another indivdiual jumped on the resident hitting him in the head and arm.
• Deputy Billingsley located two dogs chained outside a residence on Willow Rd., Sardis, with no water or shelter in 90 degree heat. The resident was in the process of giving the dogs to his cousin and had just bought a 50 lb. bag of dog food for them. The resident resident was charged with animal neglect.
• Deputy Billingsley investigated a report of possible malnourished horses on Tocowa Rd. According to the report, five appeared to be malnourished, one borderline malnourished, and another young horse was acceptably nourished. The resident advised she believes the horses are sick and was advised to have a veterinarian check them out and if they weren’t sick she would be facing charges of animal neglect.
According to the report, a vet advised the horses were not sick. The resident has been feeding and worming the horses well and they are showing marked improvement. The resident was charged with animal neglect.
• Farrish Gravel Rd. resident reported to Deputy Hailey an individual came to their residence trying to sell a coat.
According to the report, the residencts noticed a light on in their truck and proceeded to confront the subject. The residents stated when they got close to the subject he jumped off the road and ran through the woods.
July 7
• Deputy Dean Jones spoke to a Shannon, Miss. resident who reported his black .45 pistol went missing and believes it fell out of his vehicle somewhere on Pride Rd.
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• June 25, two car accident occured on Pope Water Valley Rd.
• July 1, two cars collided in a curve on Hadorn Rd. An injury was reported.
• July 2, two car accident occured on Pope-Crowder Rd.
• July 3, two car accident occured on Shady Grove Rd.
• July 5, two car accident occured on John Branch Rd. as one car ran off the road and struck a tree.
• July 5, car hit a tree on Crouch Rd.
Juvenile Incident Report
• June 30, 10-year-old landed in hot water after assaulting an officer on Central Academy Rd.
• July 3, juvenile got into trouble for harassment on Atkins St.

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