Sheriff’s Report: Resident exposes himself to driver passing by

Published 1:18 pm Friday, June 30, 2017

Sheriff’s Report: Resident exposes himself to driver passing by

By Ashley Crutcher
Drivers may want to keep their eyes on the road when traveling down Flowers Rd. as a resident reported to Deputy Tripp Williams on June 20 that an individual has repeatedly exposed himself on several occassions as she’s gone by the residence.
According to the report, the suspect sticks his tongue out in a provocative manner while exposing or grabbing his groin as the resident travels by.
The resident was advised she could go to Justice Court to sign charges on the suspect but stated she did not wish to sign charges at this time.
A Como store was burglarized on the night of June 17 after suspects used a metal pipe to pry open the metal roof, according to the report.
Video surveillance footage shows three suspects entering the store through the roof wearing rubber gloves.
Further investigation lead Deputies Bill Furniss and Harold Lewis to locate a vehicle in a field approximately 150 yards from the business.
According to the report, deputies found two cell phones and a rubber glove outside of the vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.
Robertson Cemetery on Edwards Rd. was damaged on June 20 after an unknown individual drover through the cemetery damaging the lawn and headstone.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received 27 calls for service from county residents requesting assistance from Panola County Deputies from June 15 to June 22.

June 17
• Deputy Steven Moore spoke with a Memphis resident who reported her child’s father who lives on Cotton Plant Rd. will not return her child. According to the report, the resident advised she went to Atlanta to get an apartment and left the child with her mother who took the child to the father.
The resident stated she has custody of the child and that the child does not know the father, according to the report. The resident advised the father hasn’t seen the child in over a year and doesn’t pay his court ordered child support. Deputy Moore spoke with the father who stated he has had the child for over a month.
According to the report, the father advised he would get an attorney and go to court for custody. Deputy Moore advised the resident that the case was a civil matter and she would have to go to court and file charges for contempt of court.
• Ford Rd. resident reported to Deputy Maurice Market her ex-boyfriend began hitting her in her face and took her money. The resident stated she did not want to press charges at this time.
• Deputy John Still responded to a Carlisle Rd., Courtland residence to remove meters as the resident has a dispute over the water meter location with the Pope Courtland Water Association. Water association members stated the meter had to be moved because of a dog .
According to the report, the meter was removed and the meter to the shop was unhooked because the resident had a second line hooked to it.
• Deputy Moore spoke to a Pollard St. resident who reported he owned properrty off of Farrish Gravel Rd. and advised he keeps a hunting dog out on the property in a kennel. According to the report, the land is posted as private property and has no trespassing signs.
The resident stated an individual claiming to be an animal activist keeps going onto his property, letting the dog out and rutting up his property. The resident stated he feeds the dog daily, gives it plently of water and cleans out the kennel each week.
The resident advised Deputy Moore he wants to press charges for trespassing and was advised he could do so at Justice Court.
• Hentz Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Still he and his ex-girlfriend have been in a custody dispute over their child.
According to the report, the resident believes his ex-girlfriend scratched up his car, cut three of his tires and poured an unknown substance in the gas tank.
The resident reported damages to the vehicle amounted to approximately $3,000.
• Curtis Locke Station Rd. resident reported to Deputy Still her neighbor told her that an unknown subject entered her home. According to the report, there were no signs of forced entry and nothing appeared to be missing.

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June 18
• Deputy Furnis spoke to a Snider Rd., Pope resident who reported she and her husband had another couple staying with them, but asked them to leave after finding them stealing from the residents.
According to the report, the female has been sending the resident threatening text messages, coming by her place of work looking for her and sitting across the street from the resident’s baby sitter’s house for long periods of time.
The resident advised she wished to pursue charges for harassment and threats.
• Eureka Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Moore her eight-year-old son stated his 18-year-old half brother grabbed him by the neck and choked him, threw him on the couch and held him down while he was at his grandmother’s house.
According to the report, the child stated his younger brother and grandmother witnessed the incident and did nothing to stop it. According to the report, there were small amounts of bruising on the child’s neck. Investigator Terry Smith was notified of the incident.

June 19
• Hwy. 310 W., Crenshaw resident reported to Lieutenant Jeff Still she let a friend come in her house to take a shower and noticed two guns missing from her residence.
According to the report, the resident stated the friend was the only person that she knew of that has been in her house.
• Deputy McLarty spoke with an officer from Walnut Police Department who reported he recovered a Jennings .380. According to the report, the owner reported to gun missing back in 1992 and confimed ownership with the serial number.

June 20
• Dogwood Circle, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Dean Jones he has been away from home for the last eight years and when he returned he noticed his residence had been broken into and numerous items were missing.
According to the report, the total value of the missing property is $14,437.
• Longtown Rd., Crenshaw resident reported to Deputy Louise Linzy her husband detached the electrical meter from the house and left the scene. According to the report, the two are in the process of getting a divorce.
• Lieutenant Tyler Mills spoke to a Eureka St. resident who reported catching a young man on a four-wheeler doing donuts in a fresh planted bean field on Gleaton Rd.
Lt. Mills spoke to the suspect who stated he did not know the field was private property. Lt. Mills advised the suspect that the field was posted and he could face charges for damages done to the bean field.
• Greenhill Circle, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Stevie Webb she parked her 2011 Nissan Rogue at Mt. Gillian Church on Terza Rd. and returned later to find the vehicle missing.
According to the report, the resident spoke with an individual from the place she purchased the vehicle and was advised the car had been repossessed.
Deputy Webb made contact with the salesman who advised the vehicle was repossessed due to the resident providing fake check stubbs.
• Ballentine Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Hunter Lawrence she contacted AI University about furthering her education.
According to the report, the resident was advised to send $250 for a processing fee and another $100 for taxes. The resident advised she sent $350 to them but the company is still asking for more money.
• Harmon Rd. resident reported to Deputy Lawrence she has been receiving threatening text messages from her baby’s daddy because she informed him she no longer wishes to be with him.
According to the report, a friend of the resident reported the suspect advised if he could not find the resident at home he would be coming to the friend’s house to find the resident.
•  Lee Jennings Rd., Como resident reported his .44 black pistol missing to Deputy Jones. The resident was unable to give any further information regarding the gun.

June 21
• Deputy John Still responded to Fulmer Rd., Como where the resident reported she arrived home to find someone had entered her vehicle and tore out the steering column in an attempt to steal the vehicle.
According to the report, a stereo, tires and rims were taken from the vehicle.

June 22
• Investigator Bryan Arnold spoke to an individual who reported living with the suspect upon learning he had sexually assaulted several juvenile females. According to the report, the individual believes the suspect may have sexually assaulted her seven-year-old daughter.
A medical examination revealed the juveile has severe new and old injuries on her private parts. According to the report, a specialist has been notified to determine if the injuries are sexual in nature.
• Family Crisis Services received a call from an individual concerning her 16-year-old daughter who told her she was raped by one individual and molested by a family member.
The statement was reported to Child Protective Services and Investigator Arnold. The victim is scheduled for a forensic interview and medical examination.
• Captain Willie Harris responded to a family disturbance on Audrey Rd., Courtland, where the resident reported her husband made threats towards her and her sister.
According to the report, the resident stated the suspect has started putting his hands on her and she is afraid the suspect will hurt her and the kids.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report
June 15
• Vehicle received hail damage on Travis Rd.
• Two car accident occured at the intersection of Highway 6 and Dummyline Rd. An injury was reported.
• Two car accident occured on Dummyline Rd.