County drops Fuelman fleet program, opts for local co.

Published 10:15 am Tuesday, June 13, 2017

County drops Fuelman fleet program, opts for local co.

Newly appointed attorney for the board of supervisors Gaines Baker (left) attended his first meeting Monday at the Batesville Courthouse with Larry Britt, Lygunnah Bean and Jim Pitcock seated at the table. Baker was appointed last week in a 4-1 vote by the supervisor board.

By Rupert Howell
Supervisors voted to ditch Fuelman fleet gas cards for CSI Voyager through local distributor Huron Smith Oil Company following several complaints from department heads including the road department and emergency services during Monday’s meeting in Batesville.
After County  Administrator Kate Victor brought the matter up, Road Manger Lygunnah Bean was quick to jump in the conversation stating, “We are a big customer and have been for a long time. . . They should know they are going to get their money.”
Bean was referring to times when the cards being used by county employees are cut off by the fleet fueling service that should allow cardholders access for fuel.
“We don’t have to do business with Fuelman. They are not good at customer service,” Bean added.
“Customer service is terrible,” the county administrator agreed and told supervisors that by going through the local Huron Smith Oil Company the county will be billed on the county’s schedule allowing payment following bi-monthly claims approval by the board.
Supervisors also noted that although the new cards can be used at any location, a five percent discount is given to the county for purchases at Citgo Stations and all Panola Citgo stations are locally owned. The county administrator also noted two local contacts for the service were available in case problems arose.
Sheriff Dennis Darby noted his department had been inconvenienced in times of emergencies by the service being cut off with Emergency Operations Director Daniel Cole expressing the same.
“We have to pay (for the fuel purchase) out of our own pockets when they cut us off until we can get reimbursed. It can be a hassle,” Cole added.

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