Betty H. Rogers Letter to Editor 5/17/2016

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Enough about the flag. That sick twist in South Carolina that killed innocent people, yes, he held a Confederate flag, but he also had on a Gold’s gym shirt. Why not ban Gold’s gym shirts? This is crazy!

I actually have a Mississippi history book. This is what it reads about the flag:
The flag was adopted February 7, 1894. Contained in the upper left-handed corner is the Union Square, with a blue ground and a broad blue saltier superimposed, bordered with white and emblazoned with 13 five-pointed stars representing the 13 original states, the field of the flag containing three equal bars — the upper blue, the center white and the lower red, the entire flag being bordered with gold fringe.

Don’t blame the flag, fix the problem. This is my Mississippi and my flag.
Betty H. Rogers

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