Sheriff’s Report 5/13/16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sheriff’s Department called over ‘peeping tom,’ threats, theft

By Ashley Crutcher
Some say, “Home is a safe haven from the worries of the world.” One Gleaton Road, Pope resident may beg to differ after receiving a chilling call from a family member who lives next door stating that the resident was being watched. According to the report, the resident was told that someone was standing on her porch looking in her window.
“I came outside and didn’t see anyone, but I heard someone or something running through the woods,” the resident stated.
Other suspicious activity from May 5 included a Nash Road resident who stated that someone trespassed onto  her property and climbed through a window of her home. The resident hid in the home as the suspect asked other residents where she was. Lieutenant Willie Harris investigated both incidents from May 5.
These incidents were among 38 reports which required service from the Panola County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputies from April 20 to May 5.
Other incidents listed by date are as follows:
April 20, Deputy Jeremy Hailey took a report from an individual who stated that he sold a Ford F150. The buyer began threatening him after the truck broke down.
April 25, Dogwood, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Hailey that an individual was trespassing on her property. According to the report, the resident the suspect became very belligerent and started cussing. The resident stated that the suspect is not welcome on her property.
April 27, Major Albert Perkins took a report of a stolen tag from a Belmont Road, Sardis resident who stated that his decal was sent from Jackson, but when the mail arrived, the decal was missing.
April 28
• Deer Creek Road resident reported to Deputy Maurice Market that his son threatened to kill him if the resident didn’t give him the keys to his vehicle.
• Gleaton Road, Pope resident reported to Lieutenant Chuck Tucker that his girlfriend assaulted him after going through his phone and noticing that another female had been calling him. According to the report, the suspect got a knife and attempted to attack the resident. After tussling on the ground the resident got the knife away from the suspect  and the suspect left. The resident suffered scratches to his face, forehead, shoulder and left hand.
• Deputy Mark Allen responded to an animal attack on Camille Street, Sardis. Resident reported that a neighbor’s dog badly injured his dog in his front yard. Deputy Allen noticed a large section of skin torn from the dogs right rear side. Deputy Allen spoke to the owner of the dog and reminded her of the vicious dog ordinance. The individual stated that she was trying to find suitable homes for the dogs and was not aware of the ordinance.
April 29
• Deputy George Renfro responded to Nash Road where the resident reported that she asked the suspect to leave and stated that she pulled a knife on him. According to the report, the resident defended himself and the suspect left, but returned later and ran into his parked vehicle leaving no damage and scratched the hood with some keys.
• Highway 315 South, Water Valley resident reported to Deputy John Still that she left her wallet laying on the counter at Lakeside Grocery. Store cameras picked up the suspect who picked up the wallet and left the store in a blue Impala. Deputy Still located the suspect who denied having the wallet and stated that she had given it to a female in a white car. The suspect was arrested and taken to Panola County Jail.
May 1
• Lieutenant Harris investigated a report of a missing woman. Fairhaven Loop, Crenshaw resident was reported missing. According to the victim’s mother, the victim was heading to the hospital in Memphis on Friday. Sunday morning, the mother received a call from the victim. According to the report, the victim stated that she needed help and that two men were there. The victim also stated that she was near a storage building and then told her mother that she had to go and hung up. The woman has been found and is no longer a missing person.
• Lieutenant Harris responded to a breaking and entering on Lee Jennings Road, Como. Resident reported that a .380 Lorin semi-automatic, single shot .22, .410 bolt action, and two 12 gauge shotguns were stolen.
• Hughes Road, Courtland resident reported to Deputy Renfroe that someone ran over his pasture fence and his horses got out. The resident stated that around 8:55 p.m. he heard a vehicle crash. According to the report, the resident saw a red Chevy truck turning around. The resident reported that a few minutes later he heard another crash up the road at his horse gate. Deputy Renfroe located the vehicle and its owner who stated that another individual was driving the truck. According to the report, the vehicle ran over two mail boxes, hit a garbage can, and a row of fence posts.
May 2
• Deputy John Still investigated a rape near Pope/Crowder road. The incident was reported in The Panolian’s May 6 edition. See front page “Officers ‘never let up;’ suspect in custody.”
• Deputy Dean Jones took a report of petit larceny from a Randell Road, Courtland resident who stated that an individual came to his home and took his red Pontiac that he had put a new motor in without paying him for the services and also stole a pair of Beats Solo HD headphones out of another vehicle.
• Deputy Lee Martin dispatched to Merit Health Emergency Room to investigate a report of assault. The victim stated that the suspect struck her in the head and face with his fists and a metal folding chair. According to the report, the victim grabbed her daughter and attempted to leave and the suspect pulled a 12 gauge shotgun and threatened to kill her if she left.
• Carlisle Road, Courtland resident reported to Investigator Danny Beavers that she went to Sherwood Drive residence to retrieve belongings she left there. The victim was talking to the Sherwood resident when another female came out of the bedroom and starting fighting with her. The resident stopped the fight and told the woman to go back into the room. According to the report, the resident then started grabbing and hitting the victim, throwing her to the floor and dragging her out of the residence.
• Lieutenant David Mills responded to a burglary on Tom Cooper Road  where the resident reported that the back door of his home was open and he noticed that a 39” flat screen tv, xbox 360, games and an Apple tablet were stolen.
• Deputy Jones investigated another burglary on Oakdale Lane, Pope. The owner of the residence stated that he went to the home to see if he left anything and noticed the front door open. According to the report, the suspect attempted to steal an air conditioner from the living room window. The resident stated that no items were stolen.
• Deputy Tucker took a report of a lost tag decal. The Sardis resident stated that he lost the decal to his boat tag.
May 3
• Deputy Allen responded to a disturbance on Hickory Hill Road. According to the report the resident took a phone and Kindle away from his daughter, stating that she is too young to have the items. Deputy Allen gave the belongings back to the mother and advised her to keep them until she could get an order stating that she needed a way to keep in contact with her mother.
• Central Academy, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Jones that she and her boyfriend got into an altercation over money and that the suspect punched her in the face. Deputy Jones observed swelling and bruising to the victim’s left cheek.
• Deputy Roger Salter took a report of assault from a Highway 315 West, Sardis resident who stated that her grand-daughter was assaulted on the school bus on April 26. She stated that a boy hit her in the face on her way home from North Panola High School. According to the report, the resident stated that the bus driver witnessed the altercation.
• Deputy Market responded to a fight on Old Panola Road. The victim stated that a group of individuals jumped her and threatened to shoot her.
• Investigator Beavers took a missing person report from a Highway 35 South resident  who stated that her ex-husband, who suffers from dementia, was missing. After getting a description of the him and his vehicle, Panola County dispatch issued a BOLO — “Be On The Look Out” — for the individual. He was later found in Gallatin, Tenn. and was picked up by his son.
• Nash Road resident reported to Deputy Market that someone was trespassing on her property. The suspect stated that she was looking for her cellphone that she claimed to have left in the resident’s son’s vehicle. The son stated that he did not have her phone and that she broke it.
• Ramsey’s Trailer Park, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Josh Griffin and Deputy Market that an adult male picked up her 12-year-old daughter without her permission. The daughter was later located with the suspect. According to the report, the suspect stated that he thought it was ok for him to give the juvenile a ride to her boyfriend’s house. The suspect was arrested and taken to the Panola County Jail.
May 4
• Ales Road, Batesville resident reported to Deputy Renfroe that the suspect threw his drink at her and hit her in the head with his cup. The resident also stated that the suspect pushed her into a wooden gate causing her to scratch the right side of her back.
• Belmont Road, Sardis resident reported to Lieutenant Harris that her ex-boyfriend was harassing her.
May 5
• Deputy Hailey investigated a report of stolen identity. The victim stated that an unknown caller claimed that he had to pay $5,200 and stated that if he didn’t pay it that a warrant would be out for his arrest. The suspect has the victim’s name and Social Security number.
• Investigator Beavers took a report of petit larceny from a Highway 51 South, Sardis resident who stated that someone stole 84 Xanax, 2 Trazadone and 60 Neurontin from the victim’s car.
• Investigator Beavers took another report of petit larceny from a Fudgetown Road, Sardis resident who stated that an individual stole $600 worth of copper wire and tubing. According to the report, a witness stated that the suspect told him that he was going to take the items to make some fast money.
• Deputy Renfroe stopped a silver Lincoln LS on Hentz Road and noticed that the driver was acting suspicious. Upon searching the driver, Deputy Renfroe noticed a crystal-like substance in the driver’s right hand. The driver then took off running down the road and was asked to stop by Deputy Renfroe, according to the report. After failing to stop Deputy Renfroe pushed the suspect to the ground, falling on top of him, and managed to place him into custody. Also, in the suspect’s right pocket was a brown paper towel that had a green leafy substance, alleged marijuana. The suspect was transported to the Panola County Sheriff’s office and the vehicle was turned over to the Panola County Task Force.
• Lieutenant Harris took a report of vehicle damage from a Coldwater resident who stated that a Panola County dump truck passed her and caused gravel to hit her vehicle and damage the windshield, hood, front bumper, top and grill. According to the report, her insurance provider advised her to come to the Panola County Sheriff’s office to make out a report.
• Gleaton Road, Pope resident reported to Investigator Beavers that her boyfriend got mad at her and sent her text messages threatening to kill her. The suspect is currently incarcerated.
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• April 26, Kaip? Street, Sardis, two car accident.
• April 29, Sardis Lake Drive, car ran into ditch to avoid deer.
On May 5, 15 year old North Panola Junior High student got into trouble for disorderly conduct.

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