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Published 12:00 am Friday, March 4, 2016

Alcohol fuels volume of calls to sheriff’s department

By Ashley Crutcher
Deputy Willie Harris did not state in his report from a February 25 breaking and entering investigation whether he considered Goldilocks as a possible suspect, but it was likely to have crossed his mind. The victim told the deputy that he found evidence that someone had forced entry into his home on Sardis Lake Drive, slept in his bed but took nothing, Harris’ report states.
The other item amiss was a front gate which had been torn down, the deputy stated.
Sheriff’s officers investigated 37 other complaints between February 2 to February 26, according to reports released this week.
• Deputy Josh Griffin investigated a report of assault at S. Pine Lake Drive, Batesville on February 21, where the victim told Griffin that a silver car with loud exhaust shot at his home around 11:19 a.m. As they drove by, he returned fire, according to the report. The investigation is ongoing.
• On February 19 Deputy J. Still was dispatched to Smart Road where the complainant stated that his neighbor hit him on the left side of his head with a pistol and then shot him in the left arm, according to the report that Still compiled while the victim was treated at the Merit Health Batesville Emergency Room.
• Investigator Terry Smith investigated the aftermath of an apparent alcohol-enhanced row among family members on Don Butler Road, Sardis, where a man had stabbed his stepson. The victim was transported to the Med.
• Deputy George Renfroe and P-42 arrested a suspected drunken driver who was alleged to have run over a man who was trying to stop the driver from leaving a Coles Point Road, Batesville residence in his pickup.
• A family altercation on Parks Place Road, Sardis left a man suffering a gunshot wound to his arm Feb. 26 after he allegedly attempted to assault his wife at her father’s home.
Deputy Dean Jones stated there had been an assault at the couple’s home and the wife had sought refuge at her father’s home. There, after he made threats by phone, his father-in-law told deputies that the man advanced rapidly “with fire in his eyes,” according to the report, threatening to “whoop his ass.”
The father-in-law shot the man in his arm and told deputies, “he wasn’t trying to kill him, just stop him,” the report continues.
The victim was transported to the Med where he called his wife and further threatened “‘to kill her father by cutting his throat,” according to the report.
• On February 19 Deputy Still investigated the report of assault that followed the assailants letting the air out of the victim’s vehicle tires at a store on Highway 310 at Fredonia Road. According to the report, the suspects let the air out of the complainant’s tires and then proceeded to assault him.
• Deputy Renfroe was dispatched to Sanders Road, Sardis where a male suspect is alleged to have assaulted someone with a 6 foot pole and machete, striking her in the hand with the pole.
The deputy stopped the suspect who stated that he took the machete from her as she tried to hit him with it, according to the report.
• Investigator Bryan Arnold was dispatched to Henry Harris Road Feb. 25 where he interviewed a 16-year-old rape suspect alleged to have fornicated with an 11-year-old relative. A forensic medical examination and interview was scheduled as the investigation continues.
• Arnold investigated on Feb. 2 a complaint of statutory rape where a 15-year-old male was alleged to have been having sex with a 45-year-old, according to the report. The incidents occurred in January at a Sardis Lake Drive residence.
• On February 25, Arnold investigated the report of rape by an ex-boyfriend who forcibly raped the victim on Leslie Road, Pope while they were dating in 2014, according to the report. The victim told Arnold that the ex-boyfriend used nude photos of her to blackmail her to have sexual intercourse with him.
Man with a gun
• On February 19 Investigator Smith responded to a report of a man getting beat up and shot in his arm on Smart Road, according to the report. The next day another altercation took place where a handgun was brandished but not fired. According to the report no one was injured.
Domestic Violence
• Deputy Josh Griffin and Lieutenant David Mills were dispatched to Chapel Town Road, Courtland Feb. 23 in response to a report of domestic violence. The victim told officers that her boyfriend hit her in the head several times with a picture frame and kicked her out of the house, according to the report.
•On February 19 Deputy Still investigated a report of domestic violence on Floyd’s Island, Sardis. The report states that the victim said her boyfriend became angry when she answered a call on his phone and that he struck her in the chest. At the request of the victim no charges were filed.
• Arnold took a report of domestic violence on Waldrup Road, Batesville Feb. 24 where the victim alleged that her husband threw his phone at her, striking her on the left side of her face.
• Investigator Smith was dispatched to a Eureka Road, Batesville home February 19 in an attempt to resolve what appeared to be an ongoing family brouhaha. An apparent vicitim, told Smith, “he did not want to cooperate with law enforcement personnel. At this residence everyone seemed intoxicated and did not want to provide information,” according to his report.
• Lieutenant Kelvin Taylor responded Feb. 21 to a domestic disturbance call on Pleasant Grove Road, Como where the victim’s son was intoxicated and tearing the house apart, according to the report.
• On February 21 Arnold and Hailey investigated a complaint  at a Highway 35 South, Batesville residence about threatening phone calls placed received in connection with broader domestic issues.
Their investigation led officers to discover that the suspect had impersonated a Panola County Deputy Sheriff during the phone calls. He was confronted with recordings of the calls and admitted having made them. He told Arnold that “he had been intoxicated and was “trying to impress the female subject that was with him,” the report states. Go figure.
• Deputy Mark Lott was dispatched to Connie Rose Road, Como Feb. 23 where a woman told him her estranged husband was stalking her, according to the report, by sitting outside her house at night and making threats. The complainant requested a restraining order.
• Another request for a restraining order came Feb. 17 from a Wells St., Courtland resident who suspected that someone had poisoned his drinking water. The complainant requested a restraining order on his grandson.
•On February 25 Lieutenant Harris was dispatched to Crenshaw Elementary School where a victim said she was receiving threatening calls and text messages.
• Deputy Eric Harris took a report of theft from a resident on Ballentine Road. The complainant stated that he was missing two televisions, a 12-gauge shot gun and a computer, according to the report. It was later discovered that his nephew stole the property and has since returned everything, according to the report.
• Deputy Harris investigated alleged credit card fraud against a Como business on February 19. A man using a stolen credit card ordered two automotive and motorcycle tire changers from Redline Engineering Co. in Como. The business has been working with the police in an attempt to get the equipment back, according to the report.
• Deputy House was dispatched to Hiblett Road, Como home Feb. 12 where a resident reported that the rims and tires had been stolen from her vehicle.
On Feb. 18 House investigated the theft of a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero on Old Panola Circle, Como where he heard a rather unusual complaint The victim told House that she took her car to a man for repair last July. On the day of her complaint — seven months later — she went back to retrieve the vehicle.
The suspect stated that someone else had it in Senatobia, supposedly “fixing it,” according to the report.
The suspect refused to give her the number of the person who supposedly has her vehicle now. The investigation continues. Life gets curiouser and curiouser.
• A Birge Road resident told Deputy Dean Jones on Feb. 18 that someone stole her wallet with $4,000 tax refund in $100 bills. Deputies searched for a suspect who had been painting in the victim’s home, to date without success, according to according to the report. Deputy Jones was unable to locate the suspect.
• On February 19 Deputy John Still investigated a report of theft from a resident on Liberty Hill Road. The victim told Still he suspected a family member who had been kicked out of the house.
• Investigator Danny Beavers investigated a report of the theft of a motorcycle license tag from a Pocahontas Street, Sardis address on Feb. 22.
On February 25 Beavers took a report from a motorist whose disabled vehicle was parked overnight north of Batesville on I-55. The victime told Beavers that when he returned to the vehicle, the front passenger window was busted out and the stereo was missing from his white 2000 Chevy Malibu.
• An employee of Sayle Oil arrived at work February 25 to find evidence of a burglary.  Deputy Jeremy Hailey secured the store and shop and contacted Investigator Terry Smith. The officers determined that thieves had broken into a safe and stolen cash. Smith is investigating further.
Hailey also investigated a report of suspicious activity Feb. 22 near a home on Northwood Drive Batesville. A resident spotted two prowlers with flashlights near the home, the report states.
• Deputy Renfroe investigated the theft of a battery from a tractor on Shell Road, Batesville Feb. 19.    
Malicious Mischief
• Deputy K. Taylor investigated vandalism on Feb. 22 to a silver 2010 Ford Taurus and a 2003 Ford EXT, according to his  report. The incident occurred at a Willow Road in Sardis residence. The cars were spray painted with red paint and all four tires on both vehicles were flattened.
• On February 24 Deputy Crawford investigated a complaint of a subject trespassing and throwing paint on top of a grey Oldsmobile on Greg Taylor Road, according to the report.
• Lieutenant Harris investigated another report of vandalism on February 21 on Curtis Road where the resident reported that someone had shot the mailbox with buckshot, according to the report.
• On February 22 Deputy House investigated a disturbance on Highway 51 North, Como where a dispute arose between two people over whether the $600 one gave to another was a gift or a loan.
Fire investigation
• Investigator Smith initiated an investigation Feb. 23 on Hammond Hill Road at the Como Fire Department request when trailer caught fire while the owner was at work. The fire victim told Smith that the next-door neighbor owned the property where the trailer was located and that there had been a problem between them.
“No heater or other fire source was on at the time,” Smith states in his report.
Vehicle accidents
The Motor Vehicle Accident Report lists four vehicle accidents. According to the report three accidents involved one vehicle side-swiping or backing into another.  No injuries were reported. Another incident involving one vehicle that ran off the road to avoid hitting a deer which resulted in an injury.
Juvenile investigations
Juvenile Offense Report lists six incidents from February 18 to February 25:
• Fighting at North Panola High School between two students ages 12 and 13;
• Two cases of disorderly conduct  involving youth ages 15 and 17;
• A 13-year-old charged with vandalism, a 12-year-old charged with simple assault and a 15-year-old charged with sexual battery.
Other activities
Sheriff’s department administrative assistant Robbie Haley said that deputies make an average six or 7 trips a week, transporting people with mental conditions. One patient may require multiple trips that include mental evaluations in physician offices and mental and alcohol treatment centers.
Deputies also escort funeral processions, Haley said, usually averaging six each week.

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