Batesville Municipal Court 5/2/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 2, 2014

Hearing set for man charged with shoplifting ribs from grocery

By Emily D. Williams
A Courtland man told Judge Bill McKenzie he did not need a lawyer for a probable cause hearing for felony shoplifting charges during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday.

Rodney Ladd, 1105-B Hawkins Rd., Courtland, was charged with felony shoplifting for stealing ribs worth $11.93 from Save A Lot. He was being held in jail with a $5,000 bond.

 The judge explained to Ladd that he was in a misdemeanor court and his case would be handled in a higher court. Ladd has previous shoplifting convictions.

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“It wasn’t me,” Ladd interrupted as the judge read the affidavit.

“This is not a trial,” McKenzie assured Ladd.

The judge explained he could have a probable cause hearing if he wanted.

“Remember I was the one who supposedly stole $5,000 worth of steaks from Piggly Wiggly?” Ladd asked the judge.

Ladd’s bond stayed at $5,000 and a probable cause hearing was set.

Ricky L Henderson, 125 Jackson Street, Batesville, appeared in court to explain to the judge why he had failed to comply with the city work release program rules.

On April 23 he was assigned to nine days of public service work in lieu of payment of $522 in fines for public drunk and open container.

The court docket stated that Henderson arrived late for work and smelled of alcohol.
When the judge asked what the problem was Henderson said, “I know I was not drunk.”
“Were you late?” the judge asked.

“ I woke up late,” Henderson replied.

“What are we going to do about these fines?” the judge asked.

After no answers from Henderson, the judge ordered that he have his fines paid in full by Friday at 5 p.m. or serve 60 days in jail.

Andrej K. Kuvers, 223 Vick St., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to indecent exposure.

 According to an affidavit read in court by the judge, Kuvers was charged with exposing himself as he peeped at his neighbor through a wooden fence on April 11.

Kuvers asked the judge, “Can I get a copy of the affidavit to give to my attorney?”
The judge asked who would be representing him.

Kuver told the judge he was trying to retain Tom Womble. The case was continued.
Keelyn Ware, 1898 Farrish Gravel, Batesville, had a case for simple assault dismissed after affiant, Mike Fudge, failed to appear to prosecute.

Keelyn Ware and Rusty Shaw, also pressed charges for two counts of simple assault  against Mike Fudge, 598, East Lee Street, Batesville.

Ware asked the judge, “What about my charges against him (Fudge)?”

The judge replied, “I don’t know. I guess they (police) have to get him picked up.”
Nikki Martin, 203 Miller Street, Batesville, was fined $316 for disorderly conduct-failure to comply.

Jian Chen, 180 Keating Road, Batesville, paid a fine of $1,131.00 for shoplifting prior to court.
Quentin Hogan, 9718-B Hwy 51 South, Courtland, entered the city work release program for 33 days in lieu of paying $1,888.25 in old fines that have been due since November 2013.

Tywanna Webb, 416 Cox St., Senatobia, had contempt of court old fines of $2,262 that have been due since January 8, 2014. Because Webb is 8 months pregnant, the judge gave her two months (end of July) to have her fines paid in full or serve time in jail. “You have two months get it done,” Judge McKenzie said.

Tyrone Ellis, 109 Everette Street, Batesville, had a case for false information continued.
Ellis also had old fined of $1,186 he was previously ordered to have paid in full by April 30 2014.
Ellis told the judge he could not pay his fines.

“Do you have anything that you could sell?” the judge asked.

Ellis told the judge he had an old car, “but its raggedy nobody will buy that.”

“I bet Martin brothers would. You don’t have a license anyway, you don’t need a car. Have the fines paid by May 14 or serve time in jail,” McKenzie ordered.

Houston Burdette, 4917 Curtis Rd., Courtland, entered the city’s work release program for 33 days in lieu of paying $492 in fines for no proof of insurance, running a stop sign and expired tag.
Ariel D. Gillian, 111 Vance St., Batesville, was fined $1,066 for no child restraint, no proof of insurance and no driver’s license.