Como officials hammer out $766,325 budget for 2014 9/17/2013

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Como officials hammer out $766,325 budget for 2014

By John Howell Sr.
The Town of Como has proposed a budget for fiscal 2014 that projects $806,428.84 in revenue against expenses of $766,325.

The mayor and aldermen at a special meeting Wednesday, Sept. 11 approved the budget for public consideration during a special meeting tentatively set for Wednesday, September 18.

( and The Panolian’s Facebook page will announce the date and time when confirmed by Como officials.)

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Town leaders anticipate income from state and local taxes to total $430,354.70 during fiscal 2014, which starts Oct. 1. Documents released following the Sept. 11 meeting indicate another $328,619.14 in income from fees and the balance, $47,455, from other sources.

Ad valorem taxes are projected to generate $180,449.42, the largest single revenue item during the fiscal year. Sales tax income is projected to raise $140,000 for the municipality; followed by $115,000 in water receipts; $90,000 in sewer receipts; $54,000 from tourism tax income; $52,000 from gas receipts; $45,000 from garbage receipts and $45,000 from police fines and forfeitures; followed by $25,000 in franchise income. Town officials expect another $19,530.64 from the administrative fee collected with utility bills; $10,615.34 from homestead exemption reimbursement distribution; $9,746.74 from a Grand Gulf distribution; $4,753.29 from municipal aid; $4,200 rental income; $3,600 from Alcohol Beverage Control; $2,298.50 from the sales of privilege taxes and permits and $2,189.91 from rail car taxes. Five other sources of municipal income account for less than $1,000 each and total $3,045.

On the expense side of Como’s budget the police department projects the highest share totaling $244,387, followed by the administrative dept. at $232,537. Public works are projected to require an expenditure of $197,926; debt service $17,500; judicial $11,375 and fire department $8,600. Another item, tourism taxes, is listed as an expense item in the amount of $54,000.

In the police department, $180,707 is expended for salaries and related expenses; $25,000 for vehicles and equipment; $12,000 for payment to the Panola County jail to house prisoners; $17840 for fuel and car maintenance.

Administrative department expenses include $54,901 in administrative salaries and related expenses (state retirment and FICA). Aldermen salaries and expenses total $18,330; the mayor’s salary and related expenses total $8,785; and the board attorney, $8,921.

The expense for public works includes the categories of street and maintenance, water department, gas dept., waste management, and public works. The street department includes $19,024 in salaries and related expenses; the water dept. includes $9,600 for contract personnel; waste management includes $50,400 for contract personnel; and public works includes $21,879 in salaries and related expenses. The only item budgeted for the gas department is $2,000 for parts and fittings. Operation of the gas department is by contractor.