Just when school improvements are finding traction … 8/27/2013

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just when school improvements are finding traction …

By Rupert Howell
Those who have bothered to take notice will know that North Panola High School has gotten back it’s “swagger.”

The swagger’s cause comes from several different directions, but the State Department of Education’s appointed conservator Robert King will tell you it comes from improvements in academics, extra-curricular activities, and physical facilities that have improved attitudes of staff and students alike. The school will be accredited this year for the first time since at least 2008.
“It’s sad a group no longer associated with North Panola (Schools) can impact a community’s opinion of what is taking place in our school,” King said Monday following an incident that left one dead and two injured in a shooting incident after last Friday night’s season opening football game.

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So, all these good things have begun to happen—students feel good about where they are and what they’re doing while teachers, coaches and administrators are seeing positive results of their labor.

North Panola High School and Junior High met growth expectations this past year while upgrades in the district’s physical plant have included lighting, ceilings, security cameras, paint and other ”little” things that many of us may take for granted. The district has worked its way out of conservatorship and a new school board will soon be elected.

The district had to overcome 22 areas cited as deficient and has corrected each one. Last year, $1.48 million in scholarships were offered while in 2011 only $200,000 were reported.

Dual enrollment is being offered this year allowing students to obtain college credit in some courses. Latin and calculus are now being offered to students.


This progress went unreported in most media outlets while last Friday’s shooting  is being spread throughout the region and nation, all because of whims and wants of a few selfish punks and thugs who obviously put no value on human life.

North Panola’s High School Principal Jamone Edwards challenged his students Monday morning by asking,  “When is enough, enough?”