Young friends inspire all as they step up to help accident victim 6/21/13

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 21, 2013

Young friends inspire all as they step up to help accident victim

Didn’t know you could respect somebody and not know them.

That to me shows why it’s important to act right, be nice and hold your head up.

I don’t know Will Lawrence and I’d be surprised if he knew me. I know his momma and I know his daddy and think the world of both.

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But that’s not the only reason I respect Will.

I respect Will because I can see through his friends, acquaintances, family and others, that they really want to help—they want to be involved with Will getting better.

In case you’ve been under a rock, Will was injured in an automobile accident a few weeks back and lost an arm as a result. But also, he hasn’t been able to move his legs much since the wreck, I am told. But he is able to feel them and will be moving on to rehab soon, hopefully to get back to “kickin’.”

Many have said on social media and through regular gossip that they went for a hospital visit to help lift Will up from any doldrums he might be experiencing. But instead, they came back having been uplifted themselves — uplifted by Will.

Meanwhile Will’s friends, mostly young friends, are coming up with ways to raise money to help Will and his family offset some of many expenses that come with extended hospital stays.

And that’s where the respect comes from. These people are using Will’s misfortunes to come together for a common cause that is good, that is needed and that is right. It takes a special person to unite a community behind a cause and Will Lawrence happens to be that type of person.

It gives me hope for Will and it gives me hope for our community’s future when I see the younger end of our community pulling together for a good cause.

A benefit is being held this weekend by Will’s friends at Batesville Lions Club. Tickets are $10 and there’s something for almost everyone.

(Postal regulations frown upon the promotion of gambling, games of chance, or raffles in newspapers, but if you ride by Batesville Tire and Muffler and see a big pontoon boat, it ain’t for sale. But you might could own it. … Just sayin’)