Betty Rogers Letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 10, 2013

Letter to the Editor:

Child of sharecroppers praises American heritage of
hard work

To America:
I’m not a wealthy Russian who evidently got an American visa at K-Mart. I don’t have rich relatives here with enough lawyers to know all the loopholes.
I’m not an unwed mother with several children and unending care from the government. Can you imagine not having to worry about the cost of food or the cost of medical care?

I’m not a poor Mexican who will never get a visa because I do not have the money.
I was in Juarez in 2008 and I walked to the theater at night. How many of you would walk two blocks to the theater in Memphis during the day?

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I’m American because both of my parents were born here and free to be sharecroppers. I’m Southern because my father died when I was a year old and my mother raised six children with lots of hand-me-downs, a huge garden, and respect for other people.
I’m a woman because my mother taught me to live within my means, be happy with what you have, and if you want something, work for it.

Betty H. Rogers
American, Southern, and Woman