Batesville Municipal Court 3/29/13

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 29, 2013

Phone harassment charge brings $315 fine

By Emily D. Williams

A case postponed for several months due to the defendant’s laryngitis  was resolved when Judge Bill McKenzie found her guilty of telephone harassment after a short trial during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday.

“Your voice was gone the last time you were here. Are you able to speak now?” the judge asked Stephanie J. Houston, 117-B Vance St., Batesville.

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“Yessir,” she replied.

The judge had several papers in evidence with text messages that Houston sent to the children and ex-wife of  husband, James Houston.

After reviewing the text messages the judge asked about the texts that mentioned a disability check.

Houston told the judge her husband James had a disability check in the amount of $1,500.

“What is the problem with his children?” the judge asked.

“They are disrespectful,” she replied.

James Houston asked, “I just want to know why I am here?”

“Because I issued a supeona because of your family and I wanted to know what the dispute was over the disability check,” McKenzie replied.

James Houston told the judge he was behind on child support.

“So you were behind on child support and it went to your former family and it made your wife mad,” the judge reasoned.

“The disability check went to his former family and you felt it should go to you?” the judge asked Mrs. Houston.

The judge found the defendant guilty and fined her $315.

Joseph Alred, 6809 Barnacre Rd., Batesville, had a preliminary hearing date set for grand larceny for stealing a Yeti cooler and grill from Chris Brocato. The value was over $650.

Detective George Williford told  the judge that Alred had several misdemeanor charges for stealing Yeti coolers.

Dominique Patterson, 318 Panola, Batesville, spent a week in jail after failing to appear last week to answer a charge for public indecency – saggy pants.

He had fines of $183 for contempt of court-failure to appear added to the $50 fine for the saggy pants ordinance violation.

“So you were picked up and taken to jail because you wouldn’t go to court?” asked McKenzie.

Patterson told the judge he had been in jail a week.

“You spend a week in jail for an ordinance with a $50 fine?”

McKenzie gave Patterson time served.

“I think that’s enough punishment over an ordinance,” said McKenzie.

Timyata Smalley, 1475 Hadorn Rd. No. 14, Batesville, entered a guilty plea to possession of marijuana in a vehicle. He was fined $670.

Dillard Roach, 211 Tubbs No. 5, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to possession of paraphernalia. His trial was set for April 17.

Justin Market, 3408-B Eureka, Batesville, had a case dismissed for disturbing the peace after the affiant, Roosevelt Black, failed to appear to prosecute.

Joel Johnson, 112 Hoskins Rd., Batesville, had a case for simple assault dismissed after the affiant, Reggie Smith, failed to appear to prosecute. The charges dated back to September.

Renard Cole, 136 Hoskins Rd., Batesville, had a trial set for next Wednesday due to the affiants, Latanya Hamilton and Jamarcus Hamilton, not being in court.

Cole failed to appear last week when the affiants were in court.

“Why weren’t you in court last week?” asked McKenzie.

“I was working,” Cole replied.

“Does that make it okay?” asked McKenzie.

Christal McGee, 134 Patton Lane, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault. A trial was set.

Jerome Cathey, 205 Vance  St., Batesville, entered a guitly plea to false information. He was fined $634.

Dwayne Eddie McMillan, 1752 Vassar Rd., Pope, bonded out prior to court for DUI-third and was bound over to the grand jury.

Katrena Tellis, 113 Eskridge St., Charleston, had old fines of $1,333 that have been due since May 2001 and new fines of $536 for no child restraint and driving while license is suspended. The judge ordered her to have all of her fines, new and old, paid in full within six months or serve six months in jail.

Dillard Roach, 211 Tubbs Rd. No. 5, Batesville, had a case for domestic violence-simple assault continued after he asked for a continuance to seek counsel.

Edna D. Cadena, 1794 Hughes Rd., Courtland, was fined $381 for driving while license suspended.

Lawanda Q. Fondren, 23328 Hwy. 35 North, Batesville, was fined $205 for no proof of insurance.

Anthony Harris Jr., 102 Latitia St., Batesville, entered the city’s work program for 15 days in lieu of paying $817 for no tag and no proof of insurance.