Batesville Municipal Court

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 30, 2012

Trio of Walmart ‘shoppers’ face felony shoplifting charges

By Emily D. Williams

Judge Bill McKenzie appointed attorney David Walker to defend three defendants facing felony shopliftting charges in Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday. Two of the defendants are mother and son.

McKenzie had told them last week to return for their preliminary hearing.

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Kathleen Krencis, 14613 Holly Spring, Byhalia, asked again for her bond to be reduced from $5,000. The judge had reduced her bond last week from $10,000.

“If no one will come get you for $500, I don’t believe anyone’s going to come get you for less,” replied McKenzie.

Logan Novascone, 14613 Holly Spring, Byhalia, also had an attorney appointed to defend his case.

“Do you have any family?” the judge asked Novascone.

He pointed to Krencis who sat on the bench in cuffs, saying, “That’s my mom, the only family I have.”

Clifford Clark, 600 Poplar, Memphis, also had an attorney appointed for felony shoplifting and trespassing at Walmart.

According to detectives, the three are facing felony shoplifting charges in several Walmarts in different states.

Judge’s ruling
McKenzie ruled on a case he had taken under advisement after hearing extensive testimony on November 14.

Dennis T Rudd, 109 Hoskins, Batesville, who was represented by attorney Ron Lewis of Oxford, was found guilty of disorderly conduct-failure to comply and resisting arrest.

“The court has received video and audio that gives conclusive evidence of cussing, yelling and Mr. Rudd was obviously agitated,” McKenzie ruled.

“He was given the opportunity to leave and the court is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt he is guilty of both charges.”

McKenzie set an appeal bond of $1,000 on each count. Fines for both charges are $949.

Other cases

John Mark Whitten, 184 Taylor, Courtland, had a warrant issued for failing to appear for a charge of open container.

Haley Legge, 448 Chun Rd., Batesville, failed to appear to answer an open container charge.

Travis Tennon, 200 King St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to carrying a concealed weapon, a .22 magnum revolver, but told the judge he called the police after he and his girlfriend had an altercation and he was moving his belongings out.

“Why do you have a pistol?” the judge asked.

“I was told to get my belongings and I keep it in an eyeglass case. I put the case in my pocket and I guess that’s when the police felt the bulge in my pants,” Tennon said.

“Do you have a permit?” asked McKenzie.

“No sir,” he answered.

“If you do carry one get a permit. There is paperwork you can fill out. A gun will get you in more trouble than out of,” McKenzie said.

“That’s how tragedies occur,” the judge added.

Tennon was fined $254 and ordered to forfeit the weapon.

Gearmee C. Davis, 109 Lester, Batesville, had two simple assault charges dismissed after affiants Nicole Flowers and Shaquita Burdette failed to appear to prosecute.

The affiants have old unpaid fines, according to court records.

Davis also had old fines of $2,583.75 that have been due since December 2009 and he is on a child support lock up order.

“How much do you owe in child support?” asked McKenzie.

Davis thought for a minute and replied, “Around $4,000.”

Davis was entered into the city’s work release program for 45 days starting after he’s released from his child support lock up order.

Latonya Chatmon, 25 Mitchell Lake Rd., Charleston, entered a guilty plea to stealing two sets of eyelashes and a lash curler worth $22.83 from Walmart.

“Do you work anywhere?” the judge asked.

“No, I get disability,” she answered.

“Crime doesn’t pay. You just ran up a heavy fine for $22 dollars worth of stuff,” said McKenzie.
She was fined $1,133.

Zeandra Butler, 509 Greenbriar, Courtland, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting clothes, jewelry, socks and shoes worth $166.81.

“Do you work?” the judge asked.

“I am a nurse,” she replied.

“You ought to have better sense,” the judge replied.

She was fined $1,133.

Toby Lester, 324 Patton Lane, Batesville, had old fines of $466 that have been due since May 2011. The judge told him to have the fines paid in full by December 14 or serve 45 days in jail.

Samika T. Brown, 12871 Ballentine, Batesville, reported back to the court with unpaid fines of  $1,133. She had been ordered to pay the fines or serve 30 days in jail.

Brown was pregnant when she appeared on the contempt charge before Judge Jay Westfaul several months ago. He had ordered her to return after the baby was born.

“What are you going to do? I am listening,” McKenzie said.

Responding to the 30 day  jail sentence over her head she said, “Ain’t nobody gonna watch a baby 24 hours a day.”

“Welfare can watch the baby,” McKenzie replied.

“Can you work?”

“I couldn’t work when I was pregnant,” she responded.

“This is your problem,” McKenzie said as he tried giving her several options.

She agreed to enter the city’s work program for 20 days to satisfy the fines.
“Can you start today?” McKenzie asked.

“No, I have my baby with me today,” she responded.

“Don’t play that card with us. Don’t ever bring a baby to court again or DHS will be called,” McKenzie said.

Brown was scheduled to start the city work program the following day.

Tony Ware, 101 Dora St., Batesville, entered the city’s work program for 29 days in lieu of paying $1,658 in old fines that have been due since February 2010.

Cases set for trial
Dillon Hood, 4367-A Old Panola, Sardis, had a case for reckless driving continued until next Wednesday.
Officer Greg Jones testified he was sitting at the old Bruce’s Liquor and Wine on Panola when he saw Hood speeding into the city across the river.

Jones said he saw a sheriff’s deputy as he pulled out and the deputy said the  same Jeep made him take the shoulder of the road before crossing the river.

Hood said he saw the deputy.

“Like anyone who sees a police officer, I slowed down,” he said. “I wasn’t in the deputy’s lane. I saw him and that’s how I know I slowed down.”

McKenzie asked Jones for the deputy’s name and he couldn’t recall it.

Jones told the judge the deputy said he didn’t pull Hood over because he was in route to another call.
McKenzie told Jones to find the deputy to testify and the case was continued.

Demetria Lee, 206 Tubbs, Batesville, had a case for simple assault withdrawn by the affiant, Janette Langston.

Quindarrius Pitchford, 7038 Hampton Dr., Horn Lake, had a case for domestic violence-simple assault dismissed after the affiant, J’nea McDonald, failed to appear to prosecute.