City Court 11-16-12

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 16, 2012

Trio from bank robbery/kidnapping due back in court in Dec.

By Emily D. Williams

Three defendants who were allegedly involved in the armed robbery that took place on Friday, November 9 at Renasant Bank appeared before Judge Bill McKenzie in Batesville Municipal Court held Wednesday.

Authorities allege the three suspects forced a fourth person at gunpoint using a .22 caliber pistol to withdraw money from Renasant Bank in Batesville. The victim, whose name was withheld, alerted the bank teller who contacted police.

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Quendravopis Taylor, 171 Greg Taylor, Courtland,  had his mother stand beside him as the judge told the defendants this was a first appearance in a misdemeanor court.

“You won’t be tried or found guilty or  not guilty in this court,” the judge explained.

He asked Taylor’s mother if they had a lawyer. She said they did not have one yet.

His bond was $1,000,000. McKenzie told them to report back December 12.

Justin Mister, 330 Ford Rd., Courtland, was also charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. His father stood behind him. His bond was $1,000,000 and he was also told to report back on December 12.

Also due back in court December 12 is the third defendant in the armed robbery/kidnapping, Jonathan Cosby, 2114 Shiloh Rd., Courtland. His bond was also set at $1,000,000.
The court room was full of spectators.

Disorderly conduct trial

A two hour trial in a misdemeanor case ended with Judge McKenzie taking the ruling “under advisement.”

Dennis Rudd, 109 Hoskins, Batesville, charged with disorderly conduct, failure to comply and resisting arrest, was represented by attorney Ron Lewis of Oxford.

A court reporter accompanied attorney Lewis and set up her steno machine.

Five police officers from the Batesville Police Department stood in front of the judge to be sworn in before they testified.

Several witnesses for Rudd were sworn in as well.

The court reporter had to restart and the lawyer had to ask witnesses on Rudd’s behalf to speak up and clearly so the court reporter could comprehend testimonies.

K-9 Officer Greg Jones testified first saying on July 27 he was dispatched to the Batesville Package Store at 245 Pearson Street in Batesville.

Multiple persons were reportedly fighting with baseball bats outside of the store.

“When I arrived there were about 10 or more people on the scene who were loud. Rudd had a torn shirt,” Jones testified.

Jones said other officers arrived trying to defuse the situation and asked that everyone leave, but Rudd was yelling at the other group of people saying, “I’ll come back and whoop your __.”

Officer Gary Morris had video footage and audio footage that was entered into evidence.

He testified he was also dispatched to a fight in front of Batesville Package Store.

“I turned on my recorder as I pulled up,” the officer testified.

Officer Clyde Estridge, testified that it took about five officers to subdue Rudd who would not comply with their requests to get in his car and leave.

“Was it a breech of the peace?” asked the city’s prosecuting attorney, Bob Morris.

“Yes, sir,” Estridge replied.

Lt. John Miller said it was a very “chaotic scene and very loud,” when he arrived.

“The defendant and others were yelling at each other,” he testified.

Miller  said when Rudd would not cooperate while being arrested he was dry tased in his leg.

All the officers testified one at a time that Rudd refused to get in his car or cooperate with them as they tried to cuff him.

Witnesses on Rudd’s behalf testified they were fighting over Tierra Harris’ car being hit by Jerrod Jones (who was not in court).

Tierra Harris testified that the argument started when Jerrod Jones almost hit her car in front of the liquor store.

Harris said she recorded the arrest but she didn’t have the footage in court.

Rondenisha Ladd testified that Harris is her first cousin and Rudd’s shirt was ripped because he was trying to break up a fight, but there was no violence.

“Were they dancing? So it was a friendly scuffle?” asked city prosecuting attorney Bob Morris.

Teresa Burgess, Jerrod Jones’ mother, testified she arrived after hearing her son was “into it” with some people at Batesville Package Store.

“I asked Dennis to get in my car to see what was going on,” Burgess testified.

Morris, the city’s prosecuting attorney, asked Burgess if she ever saw people with baseball bats.

“Well, I saw one person with a bat, but they were putting it up somewhere,” she replied.

“He was acting like a well respected man when I arrived,” Burgess testified.

Dennis Rudd took the stand.

“I went to the liquor store to see what was going on,” he testified.

“You don’t deny the police asked you to leave?” asked Attorney Morris.

“No,” Rudd replied.

Rudd said he was trying to tell the police his car was somewhere else when he was being arrested and that’s what he was pointing at in the video.

The case was taken under advisement by Judge Bill McKenzie. The ruling date was set for November 28.

Other cases

Brooklyn Martin, 201 Booth St., Batesville, was referred to the grand jury for possession of controlled substance with intent, possession of controlled substance and manufacture of methamphetamine with enhancement. Her bond was reduced from $150,000 to $75,000 after she requested a bond reduction.

Christopher Abston, 201 Booth St., Batesville, has a MDOC hold and was referred to the grand jury for possession of controlled substance with intent, possession of controlled substance, manufacture of methamphetamine with enhancement and no turn signal.

Deshawn Lockwood, 115 Ozbirn, Batesville, entered a guilty plea to simple possession of marijuana. He was fined $430.

Demetria Lee, 206 Tubbs, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to simple assault. A trial was set for November 28.

Quindarrius Pitchford, 7038 Hampton Dr., Horn Lake, had a case for domestic violence-simple assault continued until November 21.

Tyson Wren, 4573 Woodruff, Courtland, had a case for domestic violence-simple assault (second offense) set for December 9.

Judge McKenzie also extended the protection order that was already in place between the defendant and the affiant, Quinn Buchanan.

Jose Cabrera, 1151 Hwy. 51, Nesbit, was fined $1,690 for DUI, no driver’s license and no proof of insurance.

Latonya Chatman, 25 Mitchell Lake, Charleston, failed to appear to answer shoplifting charges. Fox Bonding was notified.

Chelsea Smith, 31 Hwy. 310, Como, failed to appear to answer shoplifting charges. Alright Bonding was notified.

Kira Keisling, 117 Janice Dr., Water Valley, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting jeans, gloves, ammo, boxer briefs, belt, hunting shirt and other items from Wal-Mart worth $101.23.

She also had old fines of $650.

The judge told her to have her total fines of $1,783 paid in full or serve 30 days in jail.

Cliniqual Mitchell, 719 Bethlehem, Batesville, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting diapers, chicken, ground beef and other items from Kroger. She was fined $1,133.

Kemisha Walls, 200-C Lester St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting seasoning and chicken worth $6.93 from Kroger. She was fined $1,133.

Gregory Andrews, 106 Gracie Cove, Batesville, was found guilty of driving while license suspended and was given two weeks to return with his license reinstated and he would not be fined.

The judge told Andrews that the records showed he only owed a reinstatement fee to renew his license.

Brondreekus Clark, 205-C Leonard, Batesville, had a case for simple possession of marijuana remanded to the files.

Mitzi Williams, 432 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, was fined $202 for domestic violence-simple assault after being found guilty in a short trial.

Vernon Caldwell, 2351 Shell Rd., Batesville, was found not guilty of domestic violence-simple assault due to lack of evidence.