City Court 8-24-12

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday night fight lands five women in city court

By Emily D. Williams

A defendant had his day in Batesville Municipal Court held Wednesday to loudly explain to Judge Bill McKenzie why he did not believe he was guilty of disorderly conduct-failure to comply.

Scotty Thomas, 317-D Patton Lane, Batesville, walked to the judge’s bench wearing sunglasses and a neatly pressed T-shirt with the quote “You So Crazy” printed on the front.

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Before Judge Bill McKenzie could call all of the witnesses for the city, Thomas interrupted, “Man, those officers weren’t even there! They ain’t witnesses!”

“Will you let me do this? Now, you be quiet!” the judge warned as he finished calling witnesses, Officer Gary Morris, Officer Gray Nickles, Officer Charlie Tindall and Frederick Cosby who is the landlord of the apartments in the Vance Street area where the initial arrest was made on July 24.

Officer Gary Morris testified he and Officer Miller responded to a call from dispatch at 205 Armstrong Street.

“When I got there I heard females and the defendant hollering,” said Officer Morris.

Morris said he pulled the defendant outside to talk to him.

Morris said the defendant and his wife were fighting over clothes.

“I told him to leave the area and he continued yelling.”

Morris said Thomas then asked if he could go to Noble Street where they reside, so he could get other clothes.

“I do not know why they were at Armstrong but they reside on Vance Street,” Morris said.

Morris said he agreed to go to the residence with him, trying to help.

Morris said that’s when Thomas continued to yell and be disorderly, which led to the arrest.

“He said I was a sorry police officer and all I wanted to do is bring a black man down. He made derogatory remarks about my wife. The other officers at the jail heard him also,” Morris said.

The judge called Officer Nickels and Detective Tindall who also testified they saw Thomas at the jail being disorderly.

“He was loud and disruptive at the jail. He said he needed to go to the bathroom and that’s when he made the remarks about his wife,” Nickels testified.

Tindall testified the same.

Frederick Cosby, who is the manager of the apartments on Vance Street, told the judge that Thomas was told several times to leave and he had many opportunities to leave without getting arrested.

He also testified he saw Thomas being loud and yelling and not cooperating.

After testimonies and a tape recording played in open court, Thomas had his chance to testify.

“We have two different understandings!” Thomas said.

“The officer failed to tell you he called me in for a warrant and when he seen I didn’t have any warrants, he got mad!”

“If I was a police officer I would arrest him! Yea, I’d arrest him,” he went on as he glared at the officer.

“He is a waste of tax payers’ money and I don’t know how he has a uniform! I done filed a complaint!”

After Thomas’ rant the judge asked, “Are you finished?”

The judge ruled that he was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Thomas was guilty of disorderly conduct – failure to comply.

Thomas was fined $634, due  in 30 days.

“Did you learn anything?” asked McKenzie.

“Yeah!” responded Thomas, “Not to ever call the police!”

Five women plead not guilty to simple assault

Five female defendants all pleaded not guilty to simple assault charges from a disturbance that started at a community event on the Square August 10 and escalated later that evening at the South Panola football field, according to defendants, affiants and police officers.

Angela Brandon and Jasmine Brandon, 33 Randall, Courtland, both entered not guilty pleas to circling and urging others to fight two juveniles.

The affiants were Bobby Turner and Sheryl Chapman who filed the charges for their juvenile children.

“This is a criminal court and they will need to testify as adults,” the judge explained.

Demesha Hendrix, 309 Armstrong, Courtland, entered not guilty pleas to two counts of simple assault.

Latambrise Mosley, 200-D Leonard St., Batesville, entered not guilty pleas to three counts of simple assault. The first count occurred on February 12 against Jessie Pegues and the other two counts resulted from the incident at the football field.

Mosley had a trial set for October 3 for the first count and a trial for Sept. 26 for the other two counts.

Kimberly Taylor, 256 George Taylor, Courtland, entered a not guilty plea to two counts of simple assault.

All cases were set for September 26.

Before the two groups of defendants and their spectators and the affiants and their spectators could leave the courtroom a fight almost started after a remark was made.

Officers stopped the potential fight by walking in between the two groups and telling them to leave the court room at separate times. The officers also watched them in the parking lot so a fight would not break out in front of the Municipal Court building.

Other cases

Kimberly Clark, 797 Evergreen, Memphis, bonded out prior to court and had a burglary and petit larceny case referred to the grand jury.

Jennifer Tubbs, 2763 Tocowa Rd., Courtland, had an embezzlement case continued.

Antonio Morales, 76 Carlyle Place, Munford, Tenn., failed to appear to answer charges for possession of alcohol by a minor and open container. A warrant was issued.

Michael A. Brassel, 430 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to simple assault against Angela Conner. A trial was set.

Austin Melton, 219 Hubbard Creek, Pope, entered a not guilty plea to DUI, reckless driving and driving while license suspended.

The judge told him to return in one week with an attorney announcement.

Lance Meeks, 413 Grant, Clarksdale, entered a not guilty plea to shoplifting from Wal-Mart. A trial was set for September 19.

Jonathan Dettor, 32085 Blackjack, Batesville, had a simple assault case dismissed after the affiant failed to appear to prosecute and entered a guilty plea to new charges for reckless driving. He was fined $216.

 Jimmy Redwine, 189 Northwood, Batesville, entered the city’s work release program to satisfy old fines of $1,279 and a new fine of $212 for public drunk.

Sybil Hollis, Lake Inn Hotel, Sardis, entered a guilty plea to petit larceny. She also had old fines of $1,287 that had been due since March 2012. All of her fines are due by October.

Joseph Alred, 6809 Barnacre Rd., Sardis, was told to have his old fines of $662 that have been due since March 2011 paid in full by August 31 or serve 60 days in jail.

Brenda Hankins, 347 Mosier Rd., Enid, had a simple assault case dismissed after the affiant, Tiffany Bobo failed to appear to prosecute.


Jermichael Joiner, 912 Brittney Dr., Oxford, was fined $310 for a child restraint violation.

Brittney V. Haire, 114 Three Wheeler Rd., Enid, had a trial set for September 19 after entering a not guilty plea to a child restraint violation.

Chadrick Rudd, 236-B MLK Dr., Batesville, was fined $381 for driving while license suspended.
Amanda Copeland, 404 Darby St., Lambert, was fined $911 for no driver’s license and no proof of insurance.

New Officer Sworn in:

Ricky Terrell was sworn into the Batesville Police Department by Judge Bill McKenzie Wednesday and signed his oath as an officer.