City Court 7-6-12

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 6, 2012

Judge shows “there’s no profit in stealing”

By Emily D. Williams

A young defendant was given a heavy fine in Batesville Municipal Court held Thursday after he admitted to Judge Bill McKenzie that he stole three pieces of catfish filets.

“You just got a large fine for $5 worth of catfish,” the judge told  Devin Tribble, 216 1/2 West, Batesville, after he read his fine of $1,124.

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Tamekia Thomas, 27984 Hwy. 6 East, Batesville, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting five dvds and a pair of sandals worth $41.50 from Wal-Mart.

She was fined $1,124.
“Where do you work?” asked the judge.

Thomas, 31, told the judge she had never had a job.

Rodgers Wilson and his wife, Shemika Smith, 918 Third St., Marks, were both fined $1,124 after admitting to shoplifting clothes from Wal-Mart.

The judge told the married couple, “There is no profit in this business, stealing is wrong.”

Deshaun Lockwood, 115 Ozbirn, Batesville, entered a guilty plea to littering by throwing down documents at 144 Public Square. He was fined $245.
He was also bound over to the grand jury for possession of controlled substance, possessing 13 grams of marijuana with intent and resisting arrest.

James Mills, 135 Public Square No. 3, Batesville, was bound over to the grand jury for manufacturing marijuana.

Kesrick Goins, 150 MLK, Batesville, was referred to the grand jury for possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute 17 individual bags of marijuana for individual sale (possessing 1.02 ounces with intent) at Family Super Market on June 30.

Nina Patterson, 318 Panola, Batesville, was bound over to the grand jury for felony false pretense.

She also had an old fine of $241.25 for an old no proof of insurance ticket she failed to pay from 2010.
The judge told her to have her fines paid in full in a week or serve time in jail.

Travis D. Lee, 228 Noble, Batesville, had a simple assault charge dismissed. He was fined $420 for simple possession of marijuana.

Candee Stevenson, 25527 Hwy. 35 North, Sardis, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for failing to pay her old fines of $920 that have been due since January 2011.
“You can pay it or serve it,” said McKenzie.

Daniel L. Burns, 614 Carlisle Rd., Courtland, paid his old fines of $693 that had been due since January 2011 in full prior to court.

Cases set for trial

A wife who was subpoenaed to come to court to testify against her husband, Terry W. Adair, 200 Fisher, Batesville, told the judge she did not want to testify against her husband for charges she filed for domestic violence-simple assault.

Officer Kerry Pittman testified that the affiant came in the police department and reported the assault that allegedly occurred on May 18.

“She had been in the hospital and didn’t come in until May 21,” testified Officer Pittman.

Pittman had photos of bruises on the affiant’s arm and read the statement she filed.

“I do not want to testify against my husband,” the affiant said again as the judge swore her in to testify.

“Is the report you filed wrong?” asked McKenzie.

“It was a mistake,” she replied.

The judge explained domestic violence law in Mississippi stating that it was not up to her whether the charges were withdrawn since the police officer pressed the charges also.

“You may be in here next week for false reporting of a crime,” the judge warned.

The case was dismissed due to lack of probable cause.


Bobbie Joe Eggleston, 108 Autumn Ave., Batesville, was fined $194 for no proof of insurance.

Jerrica Q. Hamilton, 12083 Curtis Rd., Batesville, was fined $145 for no child restraint.