Humane Society

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 18, 2012

Humane Society asks city for help

By John Howell Sr.

Panola County Humane Society (PCHS) representative Yvonne Taylor asked Batesville’s mayor and aldermen to consider paying for half of the drugs administered to animals in the city’s dog pound.

“As you know, every year the PCHS, we buy medicines for the dogs that are housed out at the city pound,” Taylor said. “Last year PCHS spent over $5,500; we would ask that the city would partner with us and help us offset that with an appropriation of funds of $2,500.”

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Taylor gave each of the city officials and Assistant City Attorney Colmon Mitchell copies of a proposed service agreement by which the city would agree to pay half of the drug costs — up to a $2,500 maximum.

PCHS volunteers visit the pound regularly to administer medicines and vaccinations to make the dogs ready for adoption, she said. Dogs are neutered and transported for adoption to states in the Northeast, Taylor said.

They are also given to suitable owners during “Adoption Days” at Tractor Supply Company and PetSmart, the PCHS representative added.

 PCHS volunteers coordinate with the Batesville Police Department and Animal Control officer Benji Caine during their visits to the pound, Taylor said, responding to a question from Mayor Jerry Autrey.

“We have a sign-in/sign-out sheet,” Taylor said.

“We’re trying to be a little more pro-active, thinking a little more outside the box,” the PCHS representative said during her presentation. “We can’t save all the animals; we don’t pretend we can save them.”

“One of our main goals is to establish a good working relationship with the city and with the county. We have a long-term goal of establishing some sort of a facility either in the first or second quarter of 2013,” Taylor continued. “We have increased our membership; we have increased our donations,” she said.

The PCHS meets each second Tuesday at the Batesville Presbyterian Church at 5:30 p.m., she said.