John Howell’s column

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grandson’s visit may test stamina, but bring him on

Spring break month continues with our family. First, John Jr. and his wife and family came to visit us in New Orleans during their school’s time off earlier this month. It had been two years or more since they last visited there.

The spring break schedule for Mississippi schools apparently coincided with those from other states — Texas, anyway, and for many, New Orleans is a spring break destination, especially for families.

When we’ve visited the French Quarter with our kids and grandkids during spring breaks in years past we usually run into someone we know from Batesville. This year we were not disappointed. As we traipsed through Jackson Square we found the Mike Martin family among the thousands of people milling about, taking in the street musicians and other sights.

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The weather was perfect and even with the large crowds did not overwhelm the place.

It was a great visit.

Today, our daughter will bring grandson Eli for a visit, first to Mississippi and then to New Orleans. Eli’s grandparents Lowell and Linda Taylor flew to Milwaukee last week for Eli’s first birthday. Mary and Eli will return with them on their flight home today.

Reports from Milwaukee have indicated that the birthday visit has gone well. Mary told us that Eli has been sleeping very soundly at night after a day of Grandma Linda putting him through his paces. Those who know Grandma Linda, either by reputation or experience as an inexhaustible aerobics instructor, will not worry about how well she is holding up to the regimen.

Meanwhile, Great Grandmamma Annie-Glenn has expressed aloud her concern that her house, where Mary and Eli will stay for a couple of days, is far from toddler-proof. Nor is our house in New Orleans where we’ll be taking him this weekend.

That means that someone will be one-on-one with the one-year-old for all of his waking moments to keep him from soloing on the stairway or some such.

I have an idea who will be delegated the task and can only wish that I might borrow half his Grandma Linda’s stamina for the next few days!