Betsy Chapman letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 7, 2011

Letter to the editor

Amendment 26 ‘broad-sweeping and dangerous’

The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, And his tongue speaks justice. – Psalm 51:6

As November 8 draws near, I am growing increasingly concerned about the unintended medical, legal, and financial consequences of Mississippi Amendment 26. Also known as the “Personhood Amendment,” this change to the Mississippi State Constitution will allow for unprecedented government intrusion into the lives of Mississippi families.

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I am hopeful that Pro-Life Mississippians will fully examine Amendment 26 and conclude that they can be both passionately pro-life and vehemently opposed to this broad-sweeping and dangerous initiative.  
As Amendment 26 is written, the initiative would:

• Limit access or outlaw many commonly used forms of birth control, including pills and IUDs.

• Harm fertility research and access to fertility treatments.

• Make criminalizing miscarriages an easier task, as 26 does not distinguish between spontaneous miscarriage and murder.

• Criminalize life-saving measures for women suffering ectopic or tubal pregnancies.

• Drive up the costs of Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance, medical malpractice insurance.

• Violate patient-doctor confidentiality.

• Allow the government – not doctor and patient – to make important, private health decisions.

As citizens of Mississippi, we are the keepers of liberty and our laws MUST reflect our belief in justice. Yes, Amendment 26 will ban abortion in the state of Mississippi, but at too great a cost.

As Psalm 51:6 says, wisdom points the way to justice: Let us use wisdom to guide us as we examine the many ways Amendment 26 would lead to injustice for Mississippi women and families. Vote NO ON 26 on November 8 if you trust Mississippi women to make responsible health care choices.

Betsy Chapman