Alternative 3 map

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 26, 2011

The South Panola School District’s most recent redistricting plan appears to be the most logical.
It is more regional than the current plan and for what it’s worth, it adheres to a “gentleman’s agreement,” made over one-half century ago.

That unwritten agreement came about when rural schools in south Panola County consolidated with Batesville School District in the summer of 1957.

That agreement was that one of the five trustees would represent the Eureka community where Shuford School was located, one would represent Curtis near the Lake Carrier School, one would represent the Pope area and two would be elected from Batesville where the bulk of the students lived.

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The latest redistricting plan, Alternative Plan 3, seems not only to meet legal requirements, but better locates the districts within regions. And those regions are similar to the areas of the “gentlemen’s agreement.”

School Sub-districts One and Five have the majority of their population within Batesville’s city limits.

Sub-district Two covers the Delta portion of the school district, taking in the areas of Curtis, Locke Station, Lake Carrier and Crowder.

Sub-district Three encompasses Pope and Courtland and Sub-district Four covers the eastern portion of the SP school district and, although it doesn’t include Eureka proper, it includes the old Shuford School site and the hill portion of the sub-district on its eastern border.

No plan will suit everybody, but those interested need to look at a the plan. You can view the two plans currently under consideration at our web site,

I’ve said before, battles are won at the election box—wars are won while redistricting.

Citizens should be able to vote for someone from their region who faces similar problems and holds a similar perspective of government.

The dirt on which we live binds us whether we like it or not.