Shavonne Thigpen letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letter to the editor

Elected officials reflection of ourselves; it’s our job to hold them responsible

Integrity has many definitions all of which summarize a concrete meaning of completeness, incorruptibility and honesty. This definition is well suited for any individual who has chosen to take on the challenge for office in our local, state and federal elections.

As a community with the authority to carefully select an individual for office, we have the responsibility to imply integrity when deciding who is worthy of each calling. The word leader has been taken from the high seat and placed in the alley’s gutter, lacking a firm adherence to a code of sound morals and values which equates again to integrity.

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Soon we, the community will be challenged to search our hearts (this sounds so nice) but to use a better foundation (in lieu of heart), search the backgrounds, the lifestyles, the conduct of the individuals’ names on the ballots in November, 2011.

Our economy and society is going to hell in a hand basket with no brakes because WE, the people have failed our nation in our responsibility to choose candidates based on their character rather than our like or dislike for tradition, or a sense of altering history, or the color of a person’s skin or the depths of one’s pockets (not always literal).

We form committees in our schools, churches, and neighborhoods, but have failed to commit to the committee of our society; yet we complain and grumble.

We voice our concerns once integrity has been misplaced in the office of the elected for whom we marked the ballots. We are the society, the community, the mayor, the governor, the sheriff, the President. These offices are not given but elected by us – THE PEOPLE.

Time is scarce and we can no longer afford to base our choices on what we heard or the facts that are apparent. Nor can we continue to affirm character in others that are not worthy. We can no longer use skin color as another reason to associate or disassociate integrity with office.

If our nation is in an economic spiral, we elected the officials and I didn’t start voting when our current President took office. If our community is buried under the rubble of weakened name ties and expired intellect; then we are responsible.

If our law enforcement is better comforted sitting in high chairs with the IDEAL of authority rather than acting on the premise to protect and serve all – then we are responsible.

If the governor finds it overrated to consider state employees when making decisions for economical provisions for all Mississippians – we are responsible.

When the mayor holds a greater interest in their retirement fund (self-imposed) than the actual needs of the city -we are responsible.

If the President has bitten off more than he can chew – it is our responsibility to seek recovery. Not because of skin color, or family ties, or likes or dislikes, but because if we don’t utilize the power invested in us to make wise decisions concerning who will represent you and me; we have yet to see the turmoil our nation will encounter by default.

Shavonne Thigpen