Frances Pickett letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 2, 2011

Letter to the editor

Dog’s loyalty remains a year after owner dies

I moved to Pope from Southaven last fall and would like to share a story with you. A few weeks ago I went to get my mail at the Pope Post Office and a small brown and white dog came up to me. A man was standing next to my car holding his small dog while his wife went inside.

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I reached to pet the friendly dog and said “I hope you’re not a stray.”

The man spoke up and said, “No, he’s looking for Mike.”

He lives across the street from the post office and comes everyday.

The man proceeded to tell me the dog’s owner had died a year or so ago, but he had always brought the dog to the post office with him every day, carrying him in his arms.

My heart broke for the little dog and I petted him. He soon went back across the road to the white house where he lived. I went across and talked to someone there and took the dog’s picture. He had a sadness about him and kept walking around the yard like he was lost. You would think after over a year, he would forget his owner and stop searching for him.

It reinforced my belief in the old saying that a dog is man’s best friend. They love you unconditionally.

I hope this little dog will finally accept that his owner, Mike, is gone and find peace and happiness. I also wish people would show their pets more love and realize they’ll be your best friend if you let them.

Frances Pickett