Vernice Avant sovereign status

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Court order drops ‘sovereign’ status

By Rupert Howell

A chancery judge has ordered documents formerly filed for Panola County Supervisor Vernice Avant null and void following a petition on Avant’s behalf from Attorney Mona T. Pittman dated June 6 and filed July 19.

The order, dated and signed by Judge Percy Lynchard on July 27 followed the petition and was filed at Panola County’s Chancery Clerk’s office Monday, one day prior to Tuesday’s primary elections.

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In an April commentary, Avant wrote that she had become a victim of a scam when an un-named acquaintance claiming to be a member of a non-violent, sovereign citizens group convinced her that by filing “sovereign citizen” documents, she would gain asset and other protection.

Avant wrote, “In fact, this group — the Sovereign Citizen Movement — has no authority and scams innocent people out of their hard-earned money; in my case nearly $2,000.”

Language in a February filing included a statement that she was not “not a U.S. Citizen …” causing a flurry of criticism as it coincided with an investigation into two officers of the West Memphis Police Department who were killed by self-professed members of the sovereign citizens movement.

A document was executed in her name and styled “Affidavit of Truth” in December; a “Commercial Security Agreement” in January and a “Deed  of Secondary Conveyance,” in February. The petition also listed an Actual and Constructive Notice and Power of Attorney as prepared by the un-named individual and filed in Panola County’s Chancery Clerk’s Office.

The petition states that Avant was victim of a scam and ask that all documents listed be declared void from the beginning and that Avant be restored each and every right afforded her that she possessed prior to the documents being originally filed.

Attorney Pittman also serves as officer for the state’s Democratic Executive Committee.

An attempt to reach her prior to Monday’s press deadlines was unsuccessful.