Ricky Harpole column

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whang Dang Throw Down for good cause, reminds us of  sense of community

We had one of those Mississippi “Whang Dang Throw Downs” on a recent weekend, for one of those old-fashioned community fund raisers like folks used to have when something needed doing. Things that, without the help of the community and the blessings of God, would lessen the blessings of all of us.

I would like to personally thank each and every man, woman and child who attended the “Houston Family Show” on the 16th of July to show their love and support and to shell out their “ticket money” to take their chances on a game of horseshoes in an honest pit (for a change).

There was also a lineup of talented homegrown musicians who generously donated their talents in the Mississippi Heat with the same vigor that they would have shucked sweet corn for their mothers and favorite aunts or grandmothers or helped put up jelly or jam. Bless them, too. The people who helped organize the event wish mainly to remain anonymous but Ricky Matthews was too important to ignore in print or thought, and some of the best acts couldn’t be mentioned on the fliers because of the Harpole space-time continuum theory, which says, “If you ain’t on time before press time you might not get mentioned ‘til after you show up.”

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There seems to be a million people who show up to make an event worth the cause for every baker’s dozen who don’t. Thank y’all

Special thanks to the roadies and fans who followed their favorite pickers. Their favorite pickers who in order of appearance more or less were Mark Massey, Brooks Roach, Tony Boyd, Rabbit Reed and my assorted wrecks

An extra thank you to Ricky Matthews who not only made the event possible but also provided ice on the barn. I’m more used to getting my share of ice in the wintertime. More often than not in the coffee pot after I let the fire go out than in the middle of July.

Pray for Bud, Remember Hilda.

Thank y’all all,

Ricky Harpole