Andy Brasher letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 29, 2011

Letter to the editor

‘Everyone will have to suffer’ to undo nation’s fiscal plight

With our national debt soaring to an unprecedented $14.3, the fiscal house of the United States is in grave condition. Because of nations, like China, Japan and Great Britain, who are heavily invested in the United States, a debt agreement will be reached.

Politicians are playing simply with our emotions and our pocketbooks – nothing new on this front. Yet, there is a real issue in all these political shenanigans. The question that arises is how we can prohibit this type of event from happening again.

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Let me start by saying everyone will have to suffer for this national problem to be corrected. Suffering is not popular, but the alternative is more stupidity.

Common sense suggests that debt is created when there is a lack of funds to sustain our spending habits. Now, either you increase your funds or you cut spending, possibly incorporating both strategies, to remedy your debt situation.

On the surface, this sounds simple, but it is not if you’re the government. Because of idealistic and humane policies of the last century, our nation has certain “fixed” responsibilities to meet. We must take care of people, regardless of their status.

Honestly, some people are more deserving than others – that is the truth. Drive through Como or Sardis down Highway 51, and you will discover individuals, who are young, strong and sitting with a beer in their hand playing cards with other strong, young men with a beer in their hand. Yet, they work for the government, kind of, because they receive certain “fixed” benefits. This is absurd.

People who have worked hard and retired from their labor should be assisted, if assistance is needed. A safety net for the deserving and the diligent makes sense. Today, this system is creating, sadly, poverty and laziness for countless millions. This waste should be eliminated, albeit slowly, but eliminated just the same. Children, if possible, should never suffer, but in the real world, this is impossible.

If you count Social Security, which is 20 percent of the budget, albeit a different accounting ledger, and you add the other social programs, the grand total based upon the Treasury Department is 55 percent of the budget is contained in these programs. The Department of Defense counts for 20 percent. The rest of the government constitutes the remaining 25 percent.

So, where must we cut? Well, where we spend most of our money. This is called common sense.

Speaking clearly concerning the military, unless a nation directly threatens the integrity of the United States, we need to stay out. Soldiers and their families deserve our full and absolute support. Needless weapons and wasteful spending should be chopped. Nation building should be halted; it doesn’t work. The United States needs a “defense” department and not a “war” department, or as I call it, “a blow-them-up-then-build- them-up department”

Taxes and interest rates must increase. Sorry. I hate it too. Obama Care must be scrapped, because it is crap. Everyone will suffer, but if we apply common sense, we shall prevail and be stronger for it.

Now, I realize life is more complicated, and a letter to the editor by simple ‘ole me will make little difference. However, we must not be afraid to speak out, and yet, be respectful of the ideas of others. If you have something to offer, then make it known.

We need leaders and not pretenders governing our affairs, whether it is local, state or national. This is the season and the time to get involved. It is past time that those with the “go” get moving.                                                                              


Dr. Andy Brasher