Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Traveling pro-lifers’ method contrasts with Sav-A-Life   

 There is a peculiar correlation with local group, Sav-A-Life, and a traveling pro-life demonstration that came through Batesville, Wednesday, March 23—They have some of the same goals.

The problem with the traveling group was that they were displaying pictures that were disturbing—pictures that no one should let their children see. Pictures that could throw a young expectant mother into depression or cause great strife.

 A large, large section of our citizenry is pro-life. Why were they here preaching to the choir?

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After seeing photos of these protesters in action, it appeared obvious that this group was more interested in getting the reaction of local people– and recording it with video cameras– than they were concerned about saving lives of the unborn.

Their methods may cause more to turn against supporting their cause financially even though they supposedly share an ultimate goal.

Meanwhile tonight at 6:30 at First Baptist Church, a dinner-fund raiser is being held to support the crisis pregnancy center, located  at 296A Eureka Street, where since 2002 expectant mothers have been assisted.

Last year the local Sav-A-Life provided service for 456 women, one expectant mother at a time.

Let’s hope the radical fringe does nothing to slow support for this center and what it does for young mothers in crisis.