Letha Wiley letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homeowner unable to recover money paid for job not completed

A man who is a general contractor in the community, Alister “Lester” Reneud, was hired to stop the water from coming through my walls into my bedroom. He told my son and me what he was going to do and if for any reason I was not pleased with his work, that he would refund my money.

Not true! He has not done that yet.

I filed a civil case against him. I had submitted the proof in photos of the water still coming through the walls of my bedroom. Every time there’s a big rain my room is overflowed with water, and it’s a shame.

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The judge looked at the photos and asked Mr. Reneud a few questions. The judge ruled in my favor and replied to Mr. Reneud, “I guarantee you are going to give this lady her money back plus court cost.”

As of today’s date I have not received a thing. What do I do? I have spent all of my funds trying to stop this water and I am no farther along than when I started. I spoke with Mr. Reneud a short while back and his reply was that he had done what he was hired to do and no law can make him do anything he don’t want to. So what do I do and where do I go from here?

/s/Letha Wiley

(Editor’s note: Accompanying Wiley’s letter were court documents stating that on April 27, 2010, a judgment of $2,363.50 was rendered in Panola County Justice Court against Reneud in favor of Wiley. Wiley said that she has been unable to recover the money through the judgment.)