John Howell Column

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Neighbors pool resources to erect attractive new signs

Alderman Stan Harrison accompanied contractors Harold and Parish Donahue to Turtle Creek Drive Monday morning as new street signs were installed. Homeowners along the street pooled their funds to purchase new street signs that are consistent with the antique-looking signs that have been placed in Westmoreland Heights and in and around the Batesville Square.

The new signs replace pole and bracket signs that are functional, utilitarian but lack the look that the new retro signs bring to intersections and roadsides.

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“We’d like to see more neighborhoods putting them up,” Mayor Jerry Autrey said. Harrison credits Candy Hopper as the driving force behind the signs now being erected along Turtle Creek, Quail Run Road and Blue Bird Lane.

“They’re paying for it; the city’s putting them up,” Autrey said.

If you’d like to learn how to order the signs for your neighborhood, contact City Hall.


I’ll have to admit that upon first reading Larry Crowell’s letter on the facing page, “New Traffic Signals ‘hidden’ at Lakewood, Power,” I thought, Huh?”. So I rode to the intersection to take a look. There on the upright poles holding the signal lights over Lakewood and over Power were two — one on each pole — traffic signals that would have remained hidden to me had not Crowell pointed them out.

The lights are angled toward oncoming traffic but their color won’t be visible at the actual intersection.

I am sure that an explanation about those lights will be forthcoming, but people running those stoplights don’t worry me. It’s those drivers who speed up as the light changes to yellow — even if they’re 75 yards from the intersection — that I’m scared of. It’s getting worse with each week that goes by.

Remember: In Batesville only fools go on green. Everyone else looks right and left and right and left quickly again when the light turns green.