Hughes Letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 17, 2010

Mobile home restrictions limit freedoms

Here it goes. I have never written a letter to the editor, but something’s just not sitting right. I want to say before I start I do not want to see anyone’s property values decreased.

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We all can remember when the mobile home issue got started. It was the fires we were trying to prevent. Is this not correct? Well, if we are all so worried about the fires would it not make more sense to have electrical inspections for all mobile homes coming to the area?

We are limiting the ability of people to live by limiting what they can buy. This is wrong. I do not want people living in terrible conditions, but I also don’t want them living in the streets. We have no way to know what kind of fixing up can be done to these homes. If they met inspection is that not more tax money for us?

I would also like to say I really don’t care what Tate County is doing. If I liked it I would move there. If some of our elected officials are so high up on it maybe they should move there. Are the elected and appointed officials in Panola County unable to come up with their own ideas for making our county better? Have we been reduced to stealing ideas from others.

While we all want the best we can not all afford the best. Most people who move out of town do so for fewer restrictions. Why is it that now the board has decided what I can do on my own land. I pay my taxes. If I have 25 acres of land, and want to put a mobile home in the middle for storage, what business is it of yours? This can be written in, but for you to say no mobile homes for storage is not constitutional in my view.

Are we really Americans? Do we really have freedoms?

If you agree with this letter call your supervisor and tell him.

Thank you,

Marie Cosby Hughes