Harpole Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ricky Harpole

Harpole’s reveals ‘redneck attitude’ toward mosque builders, illegals,

Well children, once again I am forced to comment on religion and politics.

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It seems that the people who claim a religious heritage whose adherents slaughtered all of those bystanders in the twin towers in 911 want to have a shrine at the site of carnage. The disaster site.

What? I ask. Should we allow that? Another mecca for terrorists to come, not only to gloat, but to have opportunity to stir up more intrigue and murderous activities in the name of God in our country. Believe this, that shrine to their deity will draw the Devil’s Minions like a magnet.

By God, we have children to protect and raise. And our God is a loving God, not a God of hate. A shrine to their hatred on hallowed ground will be an abomination to our slain countrymen and women. This country was founded in part on the premises that you can worship as you please. I support that up to a reasonable point. Build your shrine of hatred somewhere down where it won’t be in the way of grieving friends and relatives to be reminded of where they lost their loved ones.

On the other hand, to promote peace between desperate religions is a noble cause and should be sanctioned, but not there. That would be Mr. Obama Abomination.

I fully realize the fact that there are racists, religious fanatics and itinerant politicians who would say that I’m just a “Mississippi redneck” with a redneck attitude. And you know what? By God they’re right. I think that we should close the borders to every species below of reptile after all, even alligators.

Protect their territory but gators and rattle snakes are nutritious. As hard as I try I can’t find a use for fanatics, terrorists, wetback immigrants or anybody else who takes advantage of American society that don’t have any usable protein to donate. They are unpalatable. I have a red bone hound that wouldn’t bite one if he was starving unless my granddaughter commanded him to (and she will if she feels a threat.)

I heard the comments of a New Mexico cowboy last week who reports single file convoys of illegal immigrants crossing the border led by guides packing AK47 rifles. The illegals were fully outfitted with backpacks and well provisioned for the trip. It’s a business down there and 1,500 rangers can’t stop it. 1,500 National Guardsmen probably could.

/s/Hasta Lavista

Ricky Harpole

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