Mills Letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 3, 2010

Reader questions ‘Road to Nowhere’

Just in case you haven’t made up your mind on how you’re going to vote in the 2011 election, maybe I can help. Go out to the airport and look at the “ROAD TO NOWHERE.” As you look at it you may start thinking “What is this? Why is it here? Where does it start? Where does it go?” From what you can see it seems to end at the cotton field.

I live on Cold Springs Road. Last year, when we had a real hard rain and, every time it rains this way, my yard floods, you could actually float a boat on it. I called (county administrator) Mr. Bean and (Mississippi Department of Transportation representative) Mr. Applewhite. They both came out and looked at my property. That was several months ago and, yes you guessed it, nothing has been done. Sure would like to know how much the “ROAD TO NOWHERE” is costing you and me. Both men agreed that the road culverts were the problem, but I want to know what they are going to do about it, before the rains start again. Or should I just start building an ark?

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If anyone can tell us about the road to nowhere please do.

/s/Pat Mills

(Editor’s note: The road to which Mills refers is the joint project of the Panola Partnership, the City of Batesville and Panola County to develop the entrance to the new industrial park near the Panola County Airport and the Highway 35/I-55 intersection.)