Get The Picture? By Sherry Hopkins

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 5, 2010

Sherry Hopkins

Winter of procrastination leads to spring of … you know

It’s bad enough that I can’t seem to finish a thought or a sentence nowadays, but I can’t seem to finish a project, either.

As I put away clean dishes in the cabinets this morning I realized that I started laying shelf paper and never finished. Actually I only put the paper on one shelf and only half of that.

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Also on my long list of winter projects that I so enthusiastically started in the fall were the following tasks:

Clean out and organize Dear Don’s closet, a job that could have taken all winter had I started it. (Oh yes, it’s that bad!)

Rooting rose cuttings from my old bush (Felder Rushing says cut them in January and stick them in an outside pot and water liberally, how hard is that?)

Refinish an antique table that I’ve been trying to get done for over twenty years. (I don’t even know where that table is.)

Plant some type of shrubbery in front of an area that we actually did get cleared last year. (I vacillated about what to plant.)

Finish cleaning the windows. (I have no excuse for this one.)

Sort and organize photos from years past. (This task proved too daunting for me alone, I’ll need to enlist a grandson or two and feed them lots of sweets to accomplish this.)

Clear dead debris from around the pool. (No excuse except that when it was warm enough it was raining and when it was sunny it was too cold.)

Put my columns in the scrapbook. (I have all last year and two months of this year, over fifty, yikes!)

Wash all the curtains. (This should have been done months ago, what am I waiting on?)

Clean oven and big freezer. (This, too is a project that could have been done any day at any time, but I procrastinated.)

Replace or repair the big bird feeder in back. (This job needed two sets of hands and some enthusiasm, neither of which could I muster around here.)

Paint den ceiling where roof leaked (I couldn’t find my ceiling paint, and I was too stingy to buy more for such a small project, wonder if whiteout will work?)

Get lenses replaced in Dear Don’s glasses (His work hours prevent him from doing this and nothing has prevented me from doing it except laziness I guess.)

So there you have it the diary of an idle, shiftless, slow-moving woman. Spring is around the corner and I have not completed one thing on my winter list.

But I am going to keep my Project List. I will still refer to it on a regular basis but more than likely I will continue to put things on the back burner until they burn out and fizzle from my memory all together. The winter list becomes the spring list and the spring list becomes the summer list and so on and so forth.

Or I should just tear it up into tiny pieces and pretend I have nothing to do. Decisions, decisions. I’ll add that thought to my spring list and see what happens.

You get the picture.

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