Weaver letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 13, 2009

Letter to the editor

Emergency Manager excited about changes at ‘new’ Tri-Lakes

I am the manager of the Emergency Department at Tri-Lakes Medical Center.  We acknowledge the negative perceptions of this community for months as a result of poor leadership and management and under a cloud of bankruptcy.

I am pleased to report that a NEW Tri-Lakes is emerging under the leadership of local trusted physicians. As an “insider”, let me update you about the positive changes that have been made in just 30 days.

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 1) The new physician owned company was faced with hiring all new employees.  Updated pay rates (from state and local data) were used to determine pay grades. Several administrative positions were eliminated or received reductions to be in line with local jobs like teachers, principals and bankers.

In the clinical areas, the managers were empowered to determine pay rates based on performance with the top nurses, techs and clinical staff receiving the top pay. Recruitment is ongoing now and a priority has been given toward finding the best talent in Panola County.

The real story is that 250 local jobs were saved by Drs. Havens, Haire, Linder, Rosencrans, Crowson and Purhoit. We are thankful for that!

 2) If your perception is that our local physicians are running the show at the NEW Tri-Lakes, you are correct!  All decisions are being made in the very best interest of patients. It’s about time.

 3) In just 30 days, the new company has purchased a state of the art GE CT Scanner, new lab equipment, converted most rooms to all private, implemented room service type meals and have increased clinical staffing.  All eliminated positions were non clinical.  New procedures and protocols are changing everyday to achieve the very best clinical outcome.

In the emergency room, we are hiring an all clinical team  (from the minute a patient or family walks into the emergency room until we have you ready to go home or transferred for necessary care) where you will be immediately triaged with any evidence of life threatening symptoms. Immediately!

 In summary, stay tuned to an exciting story unfolding at the NEW Tri-Lakes as our entire team is working very hard to regain your trust and confidence. 

Linda Weaver, RN
Emergency Department
The New Tri-Lakes
Medical Center