Fason letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 13, 2009

Letter to the editor

Mother seeks cooperation to stop sons’ smoking

I am a new resident of the city of Batesville.

I have teenage boys ages 17 and 14.

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Recently they both were caught smoking. In my investigation I uncovered disturbing news I’d like to share with other parents. Note that I am a smoker, been one since age 12, because everyone else did it and it was cool.

Back to the issue. When I caught my children smoking I took steps to help them quit. I stopped smoking in their faces. I hid my cigarettes, counted each one one. Emptied ashtrays and I am trying to quit completely.

However, I found that no matter how hard I try they seem to sneak another and I know by now that they are not getting them from me.

In family discussions I’ve learned that other parents allow them to smoke in their houses because they say, “My mom knows I smoke.”

Do they call to confirm before handing my child their death?

No! They do not let me in on it so I can prevent it.

As a parent don’t I have rights? What type of friend is this? That’s not my concern, my concern is to protect the future generation by preventing cancer.

We always hear “Talk to kids, they’ll listen.”

Parents can talk till their tongue falls out of their mouth.

Because you’re not a “cool parent” they ignore you, and become closed minded to your teachings since they have so many “cool” parents to learn from.

What you say doesn’t matter.

None of my choices seem to be “justified.”

A. I let my child smoke and ignore they are high risk for many diseases.

B. Keep my child locked up in a basement.

C. Watch helplessly as he sneaks cigarette butts out of the ashtrays at stores and off the sidewalks.

Why can’t you call me when you see my child puffing on a cigarette walking down a public street, or at your house?

Give me the opportunity to do my job.

A fellow parent,
Robanna Fason