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Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 31, 2009

First place costume winners were Kadyn and Casen Bates as Raggedy Ann and Andy. They are the twins of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bates.

Costumes and walkers were plentiful at the start of Saturday’s “Let’s Go Walkin’ On Main Street” event. After the initial gathering of walkers had started down College Street, they were joined by late arrivals throughout the route.

Catching up on Brooks Street.

What’s a mile or two to a dragon?

A family that walks together — will probably end up carrying youngsters on the final leg.

Sword-wielding pirates and ninjas were spotted along the walking route along with at least one whatchamacallitsatswallerthemselves.

One little guy found his stride — swinging between the arms of his adult companions, rarely letting his feet hit the pavement.

“Too cute” describes them all, especially this smiling young walker.

Not twins, but sisters. Their dad said they often answer that question.

Jennifer Payne was winner of the first attendance prize awarded — a “Let’s Go Walkin’ On Main Street” tee shirt.

This walking is fun, especially if it’s mama-powered.

Why settle for riding on a crusty old broomstick when you’re roller blade propelled.

Zaxby the chicken got a high-five from a young, costumed friend.

Trunking or — or in this case tailgating treats from the back of a Dunlap and Kyle pickup. Photos by John Howell

Batesville Main Street’s “Let’s Go Walkin’ Down Main Street” celebrated both Halloween and Saturday morning’s sunshine as hordes of costumed youngsters and many adults turned out to participate in the statewide walk for emphasis on healthy lifestyles that ended with a “trick or trunking” on the downtown Square.

After a day and night of torrential rain across the across the Mississippi Valley from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, the sun came out Saturday morning just before the 9 a.m. walk was to begin on College Street at Batesville City Hall. Scores of youngsters in outfits ranging from a witch on roller blades to Cinderella and hosts of ghouls, ninjas and whatchamacallitsatswallerthemselves were accompanied by scores more parents, grandparents and well-wishers as they started down College Street, turned at Kyle, again at Brooks, again at Baker and onto Panola Avenue and back to the Square.

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“I think this is a good thing,” said Lisa Pride, who hurried to catch walkers, taking a short cut from Kyle Street to Panola to meet the head of the spread-out column. “There’s so much going on, this is better than house-to-house,” she said of the vehicle trunks filled with Halloween candy and other goodies awaiting the young walkers at the end of their journey.

Pride said that she had let her children out with another adult while she found a place to park, and by the time she returned the walkers were well on their way.

As walkers strung out on the final stretch back toward the Square on Panola, their numbers had grown to about 240. The kids fared well. Most adults did also except for a few who wound up carrying their costumed charges. When all walkers had arrived at the Square, door prizes were awarded before youngsters were directed to waiting trunks with typical and untypical Halloween goodies.

Batesville Main Street director Colleen Clark said that she was pleased with the large number of youngsters and adults who turned out but she said she was a little worried about the supply of candy and goodies on hand.