Ellzey Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Writer warns city of cost of beer/liquor revenues

To the editor:

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As I write this, I feel I must warn the people of a severe storm or tornadoes in our area because of the activity here now.

I bet ole’ Satan is laughing joyously. “Beer and liquor on Sunday!” How much more moving for jail etc?

I saw six people appeared to be maybe teenagers, walking for the jail, picking up trash.

Reckon what precious children call their little pets kittens? What our editor does call them? Little ears hear all, amen!

Thanks for communication through our paper, “The Panolian.” Doing your duty! Amen!


Eva Ellzey



Could all this water falling be tears of God, Jesus, angels for sins of this world?

Wake up. Jesus is coming soon! Amen.