Sherry Hopkins column

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 11, 2009

Get the picture? … by Sherry Hopkins

There’s no substitute for weekend fun at Grandma’s

Okay so am I to assume that the same thief that stole August didn’t like it either and returned it?

Hot steamy weather seems hotter and steamier when you have had a lovely taste of cool and arid. One bonus though with the lack of rain, the leaves are turning and falling earlier. I could sit at a window and watch wind blow and leaves fall forever. Autumn warms me and comforts me like no other season. It is like steaming bowl of soup on a frosty cold day or a tender kiss from the love of your life. My mood changes for the better and I gather energy and excitement that has waned since spring

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This past weekend we had another movie night in the patio. This time we added our grandson Zac and eliminated the fire. There was a beautiful full moon and a soft gentle breeze that rustled the dry leaves. Because the moon hung low in the night sky the darkness was ink black.

We watched the old movie “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” It was the perfect night for such a movie. Zac and I popped popcorn and made homemade glazed donuts. As the three of us gathered at the patio we eagerly anticipated the coming darkness so we could get started.

After the movie and walking the yard to locate the perfect spot to gaze at the rising moon, we reluctantly went in and readied for bed tired but clearly satisfied in all our senses.

I hope we have added favorably to Zac’s many memories of weekends at Grandma and DonDon’s.

I have been substitute teaching a couple of days here and there and I think I may be learning more than the students in my charge.

One thing I know for certain. If a child has been nominated as leader for the day, you don’t change that title. No matter, no how, no way. It is a responsibility taken very seriously by the young boy or girl so named. Someone greater than I may have the power to alter it but I wouldn’t suggest that you do. I wish that some adults I know would be so responsible, so reliable as to take a leadership role this seriously.

I am having a great time learning and teaching. But the newfangled way that math is taught is confounding to me. I may need to hire a tutor if I can’t keep up.

The children are bright and respectful, helpful and funny.

But one thing that I have a question about is this, do all children go to the restroom this often, like they are springing leaks or is this a time honored ploy to pull one over on the old dumb substitute?

You get the picture.

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