Yelton Letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 28, 2009

More government involvement not needed in beer sale decision, says Yelton

To the editor:

It is with full knowledge of the fact that I risk the wrath of some in this community that I write in to support the sale of alcohol on Sunday in Batesville. I do so because I sincerely believe that once passed, there would be new restaurant/development opportunities in Batesville that are currently not available based on the fact we continue to hang on to an antiquated “Blue Law” that most forward thinking communities have long since abandoned.

The funny thing about supporting this issue is the fact that almost everyone who thinks alcohol sales on Sunday is a bad idea, has virtually the same views of government that I do.

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I believe that the less government is involved in my personal life, the better my life will be. I do not need government to tell me on what days I can, or cannot, buy a legal product any more than I need them to tell me what books I can, or cannot read. I certainly do not think government should replace my parents in guiding my moral development, or treat citizens like children who need to be sheltered and coddled.

I am a strong believer in the free market. I think businesses should be allowed to succeed, or fail, based on their own merit, not propped up, or torn down, by government regulations. I don’t believe that the fact Batesville does not sell alcohol on Sunday will cut back on alcohol related crime any more than I believe if you stop selling guns in Batesville, people would stop using guns in crimes in Batesville.

This issue is not about the evils of alcohol and whether it should be legal in Batesville. That issue has already been decided by the voters of this town when they voted to legalize the sale of beer back in 1970. The same arguments the opponents of this issue are making now, were made then. Thankfully, they were rejected then, hopefully they will again be rejected, allowing Batesville to continue to move forward and prosper.

/s/Andy Yelton