Doubleday Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Public schools need Bible classes

To the editor:

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I am hoping to one day work with all people that will help me to get Bible class back in school so we can talk about God in school. It will take bunch of effort. It won’t be easy to fight Congress, but with a million little people we can make a difference.

 I am tired of not being able to talk about God in school because it is against the rules. It will take lots of work like going against Congress, making petitions and more work.

I know that not all students will be in Bible class so it won’t be mandatory. It will be an elective.

There will be lots of kids in Bible class. I know it will make it easier for lots of kids to talk about God in school cause I have gotten in lots of trouble from a few principals from talking about God and all I could say is I am more afraid of what God can do to me than what you can do.

If this happens there will be more people in home, off of drugs and out of gangs.

This will give more people the ability to say they have heard of God and Heaven. There will be more saved people than people going to Hell.

The more Christians that stand up for God are the people that Jesus will stand up for in front of God and the throne.

There are people that die in the name of God and no matter what when you see the book of life you will be allowed to go in. God doesn’t need us but we are wasting our life by just sitting around. I can do all I can to get Bible class back in school.

Who is with me? We can do it.

Ethan Doubleday,

 13 years old