Get The Picture? By Sherry Hopkins

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 17, 2009

Sherry Hopkins

Socks for every occasion, candy’s on the house

Last week while folding laundry I discovered that Dear Don had thirteen pairs of socks to fold. That’s thirteen pairs of white athletic socks. When he came home from work that evening I asked the question any wife would ask. “Why in the world with only two feet to your name would you have more than a dozen pairs of socks dirty in less than one week?”

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He answered as most any husband would. “I wear one pair to work and one pair for tennis and one pair to bed and one pair to work outside.”

“Well, that explains that doesn’t it?”

How in the world is that possible I think?

This week while folding laundry I discover that he has twelve pairs of white athletic socks to be folded. I don’t get it. In less than a two week period of time I have folded more than two dozen pairs of socks. That’s not normal. A man or anybody for that matter shouldn’t wear that many socks. Does he think I don’t have enough to do at home so he just tosses said socks into the laundry hamper every few hours, dirty or not?

He never ceases to amaze me. And this is not in a good way.

In between the great sock caper he hands me a debit receipt for $2.09. He bought penny candy, although it costs much more than a penny now, for some of his co-workers.

“You didn’t have any money to pay for that big purchase?” I asked.

“Well I didn’t want to use my personal money.,” he offered in way of an excuse.

“But it’s for personal stuff,” I countered.

“No actually it’s for my co-workers because I wanted to buy them candy,” he argued. “And I thought if I offered you first dibs on what I bought I could say it was technically for you and use the ‘bank’ money.”

“Oh my gosh, you’ll use any excuse to keep from spending your own money. Forget it. Just don’t use the debit card for a $2 purchase. That’s silly.”

“Well I guess I could have added more stuff to the purchase and made it bigger.” He added, apologetically.

“Yeah,” I said. “ That’ll make it right.”

“There’s a lady at work and her husband uses their debit card to make $1 purchases,” he then added in an everybody-(men)-does-it kinda way.

I just glared at him, turned and walked away knowing that he really doesn’t get what I’m annoyed about. He’s trying to be nice to co-workers and I’m griping about $2.

I should go back to the sock discussion. Maybe I could make him see a point there. Well, on second thought probably not. It’s all a lost cause. I’ll keep washing socks and complaining and he’ll keep on supplying goodies to folks at work $2 at a time and using the debit card to pay for it.

You get the picture.

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