Myra Bean Column

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 19, 2009

Fans disappoint

I have been real disappointed in the sports fans in Panola County. The Extreme Sports Fan contest was created just for you, but since there has been no participation from the citizens of Panola County I was considering opening the contest to people outside of the county.

As of this writing it has been two weeks since the contest was introduced and not one person has been nominated.

So instead of letting in outsiders, The Panolian staff and I brainstormed and have come up with some ways to get some participation.

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I mean, we have great prizes. The staff is chomping at the bit for me to let them enter but it is not a Panolian staff contest, unless I get no other entries.

One way is we are willing to give people some hints. The other way is that Panolian employees will be allowed to nominate some people.

I know it will take some work but I have 11 judges, most do not know anyone from here except me, lined up to work this in July so I really can’t extend the deadline.

This contest celebrates and appreciates the fans, so I hope all who can will get on board and nominate their family, friends and neighbors for this honor.

All the nominees will be recognized in our August 7 issue.

I need football, NASCAR, baseball, softball, golf, track and field, wrestling, hockey, skateboarding and tennis gurus. If I do not receive 10 entries by the Tuesday, June 23, edition, I will consider fans who once lived in Panola County and are our loyal online followers. After Tuesday, Panolian family members who do not live in the same household with the employees will be allowed in the contest if the quota is not met.

Please, Panola County, don’t let me or yourself down. I see the thousands of fans at the football games on Friday nights and 10 can’t be nominated in this contest? Come on. Even though I like fans in other counties, I want Panola County fans to be recognized.

If you need some suggestions, call, text or email me and I will give them. I won’t do it publicly in the newspaper but I will give some hints.

But beware, there are some people I have heard about that I do not know and they may be more worthy than the ones I suggest. Therefore, I suggest some of you get together and nominate each other.

If you are working on someone, let me know and I will count them. I know it takes time, but do the best you can.