Donte Stallworth

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 19, 2009

Stallworth got off easy

By Myra Bean

I was going off the other day on Donte Stallworth in the office and the easy sentence he got. Man, a man is dead and he gets 24 days in jail. So his license is suspended for life. With his money get a chauffeur. He’s on house arrest for two years. Big whoop. He can’t party at the club and drink all night and then drive any more.

The family settled on an undisclosed amount to make this all go away. I guess it was more than a construction worker would ever see at one time in his lifetime.

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When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down his ruling, I felt like maybe somebody took this man’s death seriously.

I know his family is feeling the loss, but I wonder were they pressured to make this bargain with Stallworth so he could be free to go back to playing?

Michael Vick did not kill a person. I feel for the animals, but I don’t want animals to have more importance in the wold than me as a person.

Obviously, Vick got shafted if a person can kill and get away with less.

What do you think? Are my sentiments misplaced?