Sherry Hopkins Column

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 31, 2008

Nature’s generous with her reminder of who’s in control

My anger and frustration at the government and media has compounded in the last several days. I received many emails from you expressing your anger and frustration too. You have told me that you have called your Senators and Congressmen to voice your feelings.

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Today however I have been reminded that God is still in control despite what the Democrats, Republicans and the media try so hard to make us believe.

Shortly after dawn Dear Don and I went out to the patio with our carafe’ of hot black coffee. Dear Don had laid a beautiful fire in the pit the day before and it was dancing wildly in the mild morning breeze. The sun had yet to appear and all was quiet at Plum Point. The birds and squirrels had not awakened from their cozy nests and there was not another soul to be seen or heard. We talked softly as we sipped the warming coffee about the week ahead and our plans. We always take our fall vacation this week and we are so excited about the unusually cooler arid days ahead of us.

Just as the sun began to peak through the trees it shone on a sweet gum tree that is much taller than the other trees in the stand to the east of us. The leaves on this tree have already completed their change due to the height and sun exposure I suppose. As the breeze picked up I glanced in the direction of the sweet gum and it too began to dance in the wind. As it swayed with the breeze the leaves flickered each to itself as if in time to a classical ballet it had learned during the night. The colors were crimson and brick red, goldenrod and bittersweet, mango and olive, almost every color in the box of 96 Crayola crayons.  It shone and twinkled like jewels on a queen.

We watched the morning break Don and I and we seemed to be wrapped in a cocoon, protected from life’s disappointments and dangers. Surrounded by beauty and bounty at every glance. Moments later we first heard and then saw a flock of geese heading south for their long journey to warmer climates. The leader flying strong and sharp and the tail trying valiantly to keep up and form and that perfect V formation.

We are like the tail bird I’m afraid, all striving to keep up in this rush, rush world we have created.  Running to and fro’, trying to please everyone at every moment.

What do you suppose would happen if we just said, “no” one day? If we decided a different life than the one we are hurtling through. Do we have the courage to be ourselves?

I am reminded today that there is a life that is slow and sweet and good. It is within my grasp, not some far off notion. The dancing fire with it’s fragrant smells, the glorious sweet gum performing for just us, and the flock of geese with an instinctive survival purpose in mind, all remind me that no matter what happens today or tomorrow or on November 4th God is in control and for that I am thankful.

You get the picture.

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