Austin Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inmate’s wife protests disrespectful treatment

To the editor:

Men with extreme power sometimes take extreme measures with people who are under them.

I made a small mistake and I apologized deeply over and over, yet he totally humiliated me in front of my children.

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We were at a place where my husband, who is incarcerated, was supposed to have some dental work done. We had no idea we could not be there because it was a public place. My daughter, who is 7 years old, just wanted to see her dad for a second and then we were going to leave. My oldest daughters are 16 years old, are twins, and the oldest twin is severely disabled. They haven’t seen their dad in months.

That’s not the fault of the man who holds this extreme power. My husband and I know of our mistakes and we take full responsibility. We are not blaming anyone.

The man with extreme power royally chewed me out in front of my children and told me if my children were not with me he really had a few things to tell me.

The man with extreme power pulled in the parking lot like we were some kind of violent criminals. We thought it was a public parking lot. If I had even thought we were not supposed to be there I would not have even attempted it, especially with my children with me.

The man with extreme power has no idea how he impacted a 7-year-old who doesn’t completely understand what’s going on. Yes, her parents are responsible, we know that, but he didn’t have to treat her mom like I was trash. This man was condemning me for my husband’s mistakes.

My children just wanted to see their dad. They can’t see him at the Panola County Detention Center. They won’t let children in there. But I have seen a young child visiting with someone while I was visiting with my husband.

They chose who to do for and who not to do for and if you’re not one of the chosen the man with extreme power makes sure you know you’re not.

Please know this person is not the sheriff, just someone under him.

As I said before I am truly, deeply sorry for the stupid mistake I made. I did not mean to disrespect anyone.

Thank you so much for your time and patience.

    Kimberly Austin