Ben Marberry letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 9, 2008

Letter to the editor

Butler’s factory prompts local to laugh out loud

To the Editor:

And here we are, just a few weeks shy of being a year since Roland “We’re finally about to open” Butler swapped the land and building the County Supervisors gave him for a $1.4 million dollar loan. What Bro. Roland promised was to open a factory of some sort, bottling water or some such business, and hire a bunch of local people. Figures of 250-300 people were bounced around. As we know, there are only 2-5 people employed. At least, that is what has been reported.

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Suffice it to say the parking lot at the factory in Crenshaw is not at all crowded. It has to be as a local friend of mine said, “A comedy of errors from the git-go.”

Some television honcho is missing out on a sure fire hit if he lets this ridiculous story slip past. This thing was made for Comedy Central, except for one or two things. It is not funny at all to see this county hoodwinked by a character, who from all appearances, does not really plan on fulfilling his promises made about two years ago. Another thing that sort of bothers me is the past due property taxes of about $18,000.

But maybe I shouldn’t worry because Supervisor Avant stated, “He’s aware that he owes taxes. He understands that.”

Mr. Supervisor, I’m relieved to know he understands about the taxes. Did he happen to mention anything about possibly paying them? I’m sorry, but the fact he knows he owes taxes and understands taxes does not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Surely, he hasn’t spent the entire $1.4 million bucks without paying  his taxes.

I understand the present Board of Supervisors has changed since the deal was signed, sealed and delivered. But SOME of the present members were on the job when all this took place. And to them, I would like to point out the Board Attorney at that time gave the Supervisors an explicit warning.

He told them in so many words, once you give it away you can’t get it back. And for that, you must answer.

Ben Marberry