Jewels of the Delta had much to pass on

Published 1:35 pm Wednesday, March 6, 2024

By Mary Murphy
New Enon Community
We celebrate women of yesterday and today. Past and present. I was given a gift about a
beautiful grandmother, who shared their wisdom with others, who stood their ground during the
Jim Crow era.
This book is Delta Jewels In search of my Grandmother’s Wisdom. We lose so much by not
listening to those who came before.
Alysia's grandmother died in 1994. This young lady took a photo at the age of 15 years of age.
She never thought about taking her grandma's photo or recording her voice. Like many of us,
she thought she would have more time.
In reading her thoughts I remember the beauty of those admired and took for granted. As much
as possible, I encourage young people to get to know the gift God has given us. These Delta
Jewels are matriarchs of their families.
They have many names. Ordinary women who have lived extraordinary lives as they
courageously faced the injustices of the Jim Crow era and experienced the hard won changes
and victories of Civil Right Movements.
Alysia found fifty grands who were willing to tell their stories throughout Mississippi. She said
these stories have helped her being born to interracial couple. We look to those who carry the
torch of yesterday.

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